The 5 Best Articles from December

We’ve finally come to terms with the fact that 2014 is definitely over (the year went so fast, right?). But, before we say goodbye completely, we’re taking a look back at our 5 favorite articles that went up on the blog in December. Check out the posts that got you clicking at the end of 2014!

5. Best of 2014: 25 Money-Saving Tips From the Experts

Our Interview with an Expert series allows us to pick the brains of some super knowledgeable people. To celebrate all of their great advice over the past year, we compiled our 25 favorite money-saving tips from these experts. With suggestions on topics ranging from budgeting and couponing to investing and paying off debt, you can’t afford to miss out on this money advice!

4. 5 Fashion Trends to Leave in 2014 (And 5 To Try in the New Year)

It’s finally time to say sayonara to crop tops and peplum! To stay up on the latest fashion trends, see what items of clothing you should be leaving in the past. Not sure what to wear in the new year? Check out our suggestions for the 5 trends that fashionistas are sure to be rocking in 2015.

3. 5 Simple Ways to Add Inspiration to Your Days

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to recalibrate your life. This blog suggests 5 easy things you can do to incorporate some inspiration into your daily routine. Try morning meditation, inspirational quotes, and scheduling time with loved ones to create some balance in your life - and start the new year off on a good foot!

2. 3 Heartwarming Personalized Christmas Books for Kids

One of our favorite picks for holiday gifts this year were these personalized Christmas books for kids from They make awesome presents because you can customize them with the name of your child or personal details that will help them relate to the story. The site also has tons of books that will work as great gifts all year-long!

1. 12 Funny Christmas Memes With Solid Holiday Advice

There’s nothing better than a good meme. Well, maybe a Christmas meme that gives you some stellar advice on how to survive the holidays. Just try not to smile when you look at these. Even though we’ll have to wait an entire year for Christmas to come again, these memes could keep you in the holiday spirit all year!

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