The 5 Best Articles from March

Now that March is officially over, it’s time we took a look back at some of our favorite content from the previous month. Whether we were giving you travel advice from an expert, making you laugh with Pi memes, or giving away Coachella tickets, the month was certainly an eventful one! Read on for our 5 favorite articles from March!

5. Interview with a Travel Expert: Nora Dunn

We’re constantly fantasizing about traveling full-time, and that’s exactly what travel expert, Nora Dunn, does! We got the scoop on how she affords to travel professionally, how to find cheap accommodations, and how to effectively maximize your frequent flyer miles. Check out this interview for tons of helpful travel tips!

4. The 10 Best Places to Celebrate Daylight Savings Time

Losing an hour during Daylight Savings Time is super annoying, so we put together a blog post of the 10 best places you can travel to where they don’t have the holiday. From the sunny beaches of Barbados to the busy hubbub of Hong Kong, there are plenty of travel destinations on this list that will tempt you to book a flight pronto.

3. Get Pumped for Pi Day with These 12 Funny Pi Day Memes

There’s really no bad time for a funny meme, and Pi Day has some of the best ones. Even though March 14 has now passed, math jokes are pretty hilarious any time of the year. So, read this post for 12 of the funniest Pi Day memes we could find!

2. 10 Surprising Ways You Can Help Others in Need

We love getting the chance to shine some light on charities when we can. This blog post focused on 10 little-known ways that you can help people in need. With suggestions like donating your old cell phone or volunteering with a crisis hotline, there are plenty of ways you can give back - even if you don’t have money to do so! Don’t miss this blog post if you’re looking for ways to donate your goods or just your time.

1. Shh…(Friends Only) VIP Coachella Ticket Giveaway--Plus 7 Ways to Cure Your FOMO!

What do we love more than sharing ways to save with our readers? Well, that would be giving stuff away to our readers! We teamed up with for an awesome Coachella giveaway. Along with that info, we also provided 7 ways you can cure your festival FOMO!

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