The 5 Best Articles from October

Here at CouponPal, we try to cover as many different topics as we can. So, October featured wide-ranging posts, including Halloween-related memes and beauty tips for girls who wear glasses. No matter what we write about, we make sure to bring you tons of money-saving tips and life hacks for our readers. So, read on to see our favorite posts from October!

5. Interview with a Health Expert: Leanne Vogel

Since expanding our interview series to include experts in all sorts of fields, we’ve gotten the chance to ask awesome people things we’ve always wanted to know in a variety of different areas. One of our interview subjects was Leanne Vogel, the blogger from Healthful Pursuit. She gave us great advice on everything from how to do a proper cleanse to sticking to a budget at the grocery store.

4. 12 Classic Halloween Memes Everyone Can Relate To

Even though Halloween is now over, we still can’t get over how rad these memes are. Not only can we relate to most of them, but they’ve also just further cemented our love for the holiday. We’ll definitely be breaking these memes out to celebrate next year!

3. 5 Ways to Pretend You’re on Vacation

It can get pretty dreary if you don’t have a trip planned to daydream about. This post offers 5 ideas for ways to pretend you’re far away on a magical vacation. Head outdoors for a rejuvenating hike or hit up a local museum you’ve always wanted to visit. Try these suggestions, and you might just forget you’re stuck at home!

2. 6 Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Wearing glasses can be a pain in the neck - especially if you love to wear makeup! We asked several well-known makeup artists for their recommendations and put together suggestions to look awesome even with your specs on! Curling your lashes and defining your brows can be super helpful in refining your look, so wear those glasses with pride!

1. 8 Easy Ways to Save Money and Be Green

Want to be green but worried it will cost you too much? Check out this post that details ways you can be environmentally-friendly while still sticking to your budget! Use energy-efficient light bulbs, unplug devices when you’re not using them, and hang-dry your laundry. Your carbon footprint will thank you.

By: CouponPal

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