The 5 Best Michael Jackson Thriller Parodies of All Time

Every time Halloween rolls around, the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video seems to pop up. Although the video was first released back in 1982, it’s still totally relevant today. The video was a landmark when it came onto the scene, since it was MTV’s first world premiere video. It has also been named one of the most influential videos of all time - and one of the bestselling with over 9 million copies sold. Nowhere is the MJ love more apparent than in the many parodies that pay tribute to the original. Here are the 5 best ones of all time! Although they can’t match the first one, they’re still worth checking out!

1. “Shrek”

For some reason, “Shrek” never gets old. That’s why this parody of all your favorite characters (including Fiona, Donkey, and the Gingerbread Man) doing the “Thriller” dance is so great. Want to introduce some kiddies to the magicalness of “Thriller” without the scary zombies? This video is perfect - and pretty funny too!

2. “Minecraft”

Although seeing block figures do Michael Jackson’s choreography is a tad weird, this video is all kinds of awesome. “Creeper” is a great interpretation of the popular game, “Minecraft.” You can’t help but appreciate the work that went into animating this (and it’s gotten over 5 million views on YouTube!).

3. “Mombies”

Most parents know that the only thing scarier than zombies is, well, toddlers. This hilarious parody features ‘mombies’ who are sleep-deprived as they chase around their monstrous kids. We get it - potty training is a pretty horrifying thing! Although the girl’s voice is not that great, any parent will get a kick out of the funny lyrics.

4. “Indian Thriller”

Love Bollywood? Then, you’ll be obsessed with this Indian version of “Thriller.” This campy parody was uploaded all the way back in 2006 (although it looks like it was filmed in the ‘80s), but it’s still amazing to watch. The dance moves are kinda based on Michael Jackson’s, but there’s definitely a cool mix of styles in there. Even though this is super cheesy, it’s pretty fun to watch!

5. “Frozen

Still obsessed with everything “Frozen”-related? You probably didn’t even know you needed this parody in your life. But you do! Check out Elsa, Anna, and even Olaf getting their groove on with the exact choreography from the original video. Although the graphics are a little sketch and the lip syncing doesn’t really match up, anyone who can’t let it go (get it?) will enjoy this parody!

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