The 5 Best Money-Saving Articles from June

June is coming to a close, and now that summer is in full swing, it’s important that we all stick to our budgets no matter how badly we want to overspend. Here’s a look at 5 articles from the past month that really taught us how to save our money.

5. Interview with a Savings Expert: Shane Ede

Our weekly Interview with a Savings Expert series always features advice from some great personal finance wizards. Shane Ede, and his blog, Beating Broke, continue to win over readers with his down-to-earth advice about overcoming debt and living frugally.

4. The Complete Guide to the Best Bidet Toilet Seats

The article we wrote about the best bidet toilet seats shows that we’re not afraid to tackle any topic at CouponPal! There are tons of benefits to owning a bidet (including saving some cash!), so check out this list of the best options currently on the market.

3. 5 Reasons You Should Be Composting

Those of us with green thumbs have long been praising the art of composting! It provides natural fertilizer, keeps your garden healthy, and helps you save cash on anti-pest products. Read this list for the top 5 reasons you should start composting now.

2. Thrifty Girl’s Haul at American Eagle

Thrifty Girl tackles a different store each month to see how much she can get for just $50. She did pretty well at American Eagle in June, netting a savings of $34! Look to see which items she snagged when you click on the link above.

1. Whose World Cup Predictions Should You Follow?

Nearly everyone around the world is obsessed with the World Cup. So, we did some research to discover which sites are offering the best predictions for who’s going to win each round. Want to win every bet you make for the World Cup games? Find out which sites can take you there.

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