The Top 5 Hippest Hotels in L.A.

There were lots of different opinions to consider when putting this list together. Like, why pick LA? Well, first off, for the sheer number of visitors, Los Angeles consistently ranks in the top 5 travel destinations in the U.S., year after year.

Secondly, we here at CouponPal are in the business of providing info that helps you make smart shopping decisions, whether it be choosing a new computer, or a place to stay. We did your homework for you and after scouring many, many travel and review sites, these 5 appeared on the most lists – hence their inclusion in “Best of The Best.”

Third of all, we’re based in LA, so many of us have either stayed at these hotels, have friends who’ve stayed there, or driven past them and gone, “Hey, that place looks cool.” Put all of those together and it spells “First-hand knowledge.”

So, here they are, along with some reasons why they seem to be the consensus favorites of hipsters everywhere.

NOTE: You do not have to be a hipster to be a guest at these fine establishments. Also be aware that while to some, “Hipster” has become a less-than-complimentary term, they are human and they need to be loved, just like everybody else does.

1. The Chamberlain - West Hollywood

Why it’s so great:

  • It’s 2 blocks from the Sunset Strip.
  • It’s 3 miles from downtown Hollywood.
  • It has complimentary shuttles to and from areas within 3 miles.
  • It has on-site medical assistance.

2. Hotel Erwin - Venice

Why it’s so great:

  • It’s 200 ft. from the Venice Beach Boardwalk.
  • It’s a certified Green/Sustainable Property.
  • It offers a special “Ink n Stay Package” for people getting tattoos.
  • It has a staff that everyone raves about who are every bit as hip as you.

3. Petit Ermitage - West Hollywood

Why it’s so great:

  • It has a saltwater pool.
  • It has Espresso makers in their rooms.
  • It has on-site childcare.
  • It has a butterfly and hummingbird garden sanctuary.

4. Avalon Hotel - Beverly Hills

Why it’s so great:

  • It’s just 1 mile away from Rodeo Drive.
  • It has fireside cocktails and...S’mores!
  • It has a complimentary yoga class on Saturday mornings.
  • It was Marilyn Monroe’s home for 3 years.

5. Sunset Tower Hotel - West Hollywood

Why it’s so great:

  • It’s actually ON the Sunset Strip.
  • It has an on-site full service Salon & Spa.
  • It’s a piece of Hollywood history and an official landmark.
  • It’s the only place you can stay where John Wayne brought a cow up to the penthouse.


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By: Peter

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