The 5 Best Personalized Gifts for Any Special Occasion

Finding the perfect gift for a special occasion can sometimes be challenging. You want to help your friends and family commemorate a meaningful event, but you don’t want to give them something boring. Well, the New York Times Store is the ideal place to head to find presents that work for a multitude of events (including birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings). Check out our 5 favorite unique personalized gifts!

1. The Ultimate Birthday Book

If you know someone with a big birthday coming up, the Ultimate Birthday Book is a fantastic present! The hardbound book comes with the front page of the New York Times from every year of their life. All you have to do is select their birth date and year, and the book will include a veritable history of their life! You can also personalize it with the recipient’s name in gold lettering on the cover. Aside from the collection of front pages, the book also features a 19-page timeline of 20th century events, a certificate of authenticity, a commemorative coin, and 10 blank pages for the person to include their own mementos.

You can even preview the front pages, so you’ll have an idea of what the book will look like. To save on the price of the book, use a coupon code at checkout!

2. Marble Clock

A great way to mark a special occasion is by having the date memorialized on a marble clock. You can pick any date in history (going back to September 1851!), and the face of the clock will feature that specific front page of the New York Times. Each clock is custom made with 100% Botticino marble, creating a uniquely beautiful piece. It also comes ready to hang and in a gift box - which takes one more step out of the gift giving process for you!

Since these clocks help mark a special day, they’re perfect for birthdays or memorable dates like weddings or anniversaries! Looking for a gift for new parents? Consider buying a clock with the front page with the baby’s birth date.  

3. Personalized Marble Map Coasters

Help your friends and family remember where they were on a special day by buying them Marble Map Coasters. These coasters feature the exact map for any specific location - you just have to enter the street address for the place. The four coasters create an 8” x 8” map made from marble with a cork backing to prevent scratching on tabletops. They’re even handcrafted in New England from Botticino marble from the Mediterranean region.

Create a map of the recipient’s hometown for a great birthday gift or the location of their wedding for a present for the new bride and groom. Plus, for less than $60, this unique personalized gift is something they’ll truly treasure!

4. The New York Times Front Page Reprint

Need a gift for a housewarming party? The Front Page Reprint will look so nice hanging on their new walls. You can select any date (going back to 1851) for the reprint, and then you can choose what size you want and whether to include a black frame. These options are great for a variety of budgets (ranging from $59.95 to $239.95) since there are many choices. If you choose a framed one, they come with double matting and plexiglass and are all ready to hang up!

Select a news event that interests the recipient or the date of an important occasion in their lives. Then, you can be sure they’ll think of how special the gift is every time they walk past it on their wall!

5. The New York Times Newspaper Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle lovers will adore this New York Times Jigsaw Puzzle. Select a date that will mean something to the recipient, and then they’ll get to have all the fun by putting the pieces together! You can choose between easy (300 pieces), medium (500 pieces), or hard (1,000 pieces) - and each option is less than $65! Plus, the puzzle comes with a paper reproduction of the front page to help with the assembly of the pieces.

This item is a bestseller for a variety of special occasions, partly because the recipient can frame the puzzle after they’re done putting it together - making it a gift they can cherish for a long time to come!

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