The 5 Best Savings Articles of July

Don’t let summer fun break the bank. Whether you’re looking to save on a BBQ with your friends or just purchased a new car, our latest savings articles have tips for everyone. In case you missed a day at the CouponPal blog this past month, we’ve compiled the five best articles from July to help you catch up based on what readers liked most.

5. 5 Fun BBQ Items Everyone Should Have

Summertime means sunshine, beaches, and barbecues. Make sure you have the essentials for your next backyard get together. From drinks to leftovers, we’ve got you covered.  

4. Interview with a Savings Expert: Danielle Leonard

Did you know that military families can get free welcome home banners? Danielle Leonard, a.k.a. The Frugal Navy Wife, shares tips and tricks to save on everything from groceries to care packages.  

3. 5 Items That’ll Make You Wish You Were a Baby Again

Babies get all the good stuff. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to snuggle up on an oversized bunny-rabbit sofa while wearing a personalized superhero cape?

2. Car Insurance Add-ons – Are They Worth It?  

Car costs add up quickly. Thankfully, The Simple Dollar’s auto expert Jeff Rieger stopped by to break down the cost of car insurance add-ons, what you need, and what’s a waste. Take a look at this quick guide and learn about everything from personal injury to roadside assistance options.

1. 5 Funny HP Commercials to Counter That Cloud Thing Everyone is Talking About

We couldn’t help but laugh when The Onion poked fun at HP – and that’s before we learned that the computer giant has a sense of humor of it’s own. To help put it on display, we compiled the five funniest HP commercials of all time. Go ahead, laugh with them. 

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