The 5 Hottest Jewelry Trends to Try in 2015

As a true lover of fashion, I have come to understand that no outfit is complete without accessories. Even if you don’t have a ton of clothes, the right jewelry can make every look you wear appear to be altogether unique. The jewelry you put on is also a great way to show off your personality and style. So, what jewelry trends should you be wearing in the new year? Here’s a look at what the 5 hottest trends will be in 2015!

1. Mismatched earrings

2014 was all about the single earring statement. However, this year, the trend will definitely be mismatched earrings. Everyone from Nina Ricci to Oscar de la Renta featured this offbeat trend in their fashion shows - and it’s a lot more fun than just wearing a boring pair of regular earrings! The cool thing is you can go as flashy or as subtle as you want with this trend. For an understated look, try the Pave XO Studs from BaubleBar. They’re just $28 and are super delicate.

Betsey Johnson also has a really fun line of earrings at Macy’s that feature several different mismatched pairs. The Two-Tone Tulip Linear Earrings are just unique enough that you can try out the trend without feeling too daring. Plus, the colors are so much fun! If you feel like truly embracing the trend, wear 2 completely different earrings - you’ll certainly be complimented for your brave style!

2. Brass accessories

Both Lanvin and Tom Ford featured powerful brass pieces in their latest runway collections. You can pretty much wear any type of brass, like this Woven Chain Cuff from UrbanOG. It’s just $11.30, and the weaving makes it look less clunky than other cuffs.

For necklace options, I’m loving the Medal Winner Chain Necklace Set (with matching earrings) from GoJane. This piece lets you try out the brass trend without being too obvious about it. The necklace gives a great luxe feel, even though it’s only $29.60. I think this would look beautiful with a simple, basic, solid color top.

3. Pendant necklaces

Tons of designers featured large pendant necklaces in their recent runway shows, including Celine, Edun, and Hermes. To capture the special showstopper quality of a pendant necklace, go for something unique, like this Ippolita Wonderland Mother-of-Pearl Necklace  from Reeds. Plus, you can save on the price tag by snagging a coupon code before checking out!

You can also take a different approach with a non-traditional pendant. I’m loving this Long Fang Pendant Necklace  from BaubleBar . It’s not too expensive at $36, and it has a nice tough-girl edgy feeling to it . (Tip: make sure you keep the rest of your look subtle when wearing these types of necklaces since the pendant should be the focal point!)

4. Fringe jewelry

Fringe pieces can be hard to pull off - you don’t want to look like you’re wearing something too costumey. However, there are still plenty of chic options to choose from if you find the right ones. UrbanOG has a great version to try: the Thread Wrap Statement Necklace for just $22.10. The best part? You also get matching fringe earrings. I’d recommend wearing these separately though, so you don’t look too matchy-matchy.

If you want to go a little more subtle, try these Mini Fringe Studs from BaubleBar. Then, you can rock the trend without feeling like you’re stepping too far out of your comfort zone. There are also promo codes to use to help you save!

5. Ring stacks

Stacking rings has been popular for awhile now, but judging from the latest designer collections (see: Valentino) and fashionable celebrities, the trend is not going anywhere. If you’re not confident in your ability to pair certain rings, buy a prepackaged set (they take all the guesswork out!). I’m loving the Omicron Texture Rings from UrbanOG. You get a set of 5 cool gold rings for just $11.30!

An even cheaper option is the Feeling Stacked Ring Set at GoJane. For just $7.50, you get 5 rings that are all totally unique. Their fun shapes make this set a fantastic buy! If you don’t like these designs, GoJane has a ton of other ring sets that will help you easily tackle the stacked ring trend!

So, get shopping to make sure you stay on-trend in 2015!

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