The 50 Best Money-Saving Tips from 2014

Now that 2014 is over, we decided over here at CouponPal to compile a list of our very favorite money-saving tips from our Best of the Web series. These suggestions came from a wide variety of the blogs we read religiously throughout the year to keep us informed on all the very best ways to save our money. With tips on everything from budgeting and investing to shopping and couponing, read on for ideas on how to stay financially-savvy in the new year!

1. “Financially happy people don’t wait for money to fall into their lap. They pave their own path. Here’s the thing, if all you do is sit back and moan about your finances, things may never change. Identify where you need to make improvements, and then create a realistic financial plan that works for you.” - WiseBread

2. “Key goals right now should include putting enough aside in your employer-sponsored retirement plan to get any company match, and socking three to six months of living expenses in a savings account for emergencies.” - Business Insider

3. “The Checkout 51 app highlights weekly deals and lets you redeem virtual coupon savings by snapping a photo of your receipt.” - Squawkfox

4. “It’s really hard to succeed with your money goals if your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t interested in doing the same. So, make sure you let them know about your goals and have a family meeting to discuss them.” - Money Manifesto

5. “Next time you are shopping online, look to see if a store has a ‘Live Chat’ function...Stores advertise these chat specialists as experts there to help you make a decision, but they are really just salespeople in disguise. Use it to your advantage and make them sell you what you came to buy - for less.” - Three Thrifty Guys

6. “Choose the credit card that will give you the most cash, points, and rewards back with the Wallaby app. You don’t even need to submit your credit card numbers, all you have to do is enter in the type of credit cards you hold.” - DailyWorth

7. “Leave your retirement accounts alone. Feeling a financial pinch? It might be tempting to dip into retirement funds, but...that short-term solution could have longer-term consequences.” - DailyFinance

8. “TaskRabbit is a great way to make some extra money by doing tasks others don’t have time for. You could be doing anything from grocery shopping, answering emails, and more!” - The Frugal Navy Wife

9. “If you live in a tourist area, consider leaving your home for the weekend and rent it out to someone else. Even if you don’t live in a tourist area, you can rent out your home. Check out Airbnb if you’re interested in that.” - And Then We Saved

10. “You might be able to avoid paying for shipping by having your purchases shipped to a retailer’s brick-and-mortar store. Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart are among the merchants that have free in-store pickup and typically drop their prices around the holidays to match Amazon’s prices.” - DailyFinance

11. “If you think you might need a wake-up call for your financial plan…[try] Bankrate’s delay savings calculator. The tool offers a simple preview of how much postponing your saving contributions can cost you in the long run.” - Bankrate

12. “One of the easiest ways to find free samples and products is to visit blogs and sites that cull freebie offers from a variety of sources, such as Hey, It’s Free! and Mr. Free Stuff.” - Kiplinger

13. “Figure out your monthly net pay. You can’t decide where to spend your money if you don’t know how much you have to begin with. If you’ve been breezing over your paycheck stubs, change up your routine. You should know how much money you’re bringing home after taxes and any pre-tax deductions that have been made, such as retirement contributions.” - Business Insider

14. “Have you ever aimlessly wandered up and down each aisle of the grocery store only to end up with a cart full of items you weren’t planning on getting? This can throw your budget into a tailspin. If you don’t need anything in a certain aisle, then skip it.” - DailyFinance

15. “Consumers need to be diligent about doing their homework before putting their money in a bank or credit union, whether it's an online-only bank or a brick-and-mortar bank. Check to make sure the institution is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Look at how sound the bank's finances are.” - Bankrate

16. “It’s not time that makes money any more, it’s effective use of time, time devoted to maximizing money-making actions. Leverage your hours more efficiently, and you’ll make more money in less time.” - See Debt Run

17. “Early May is the prime-time to book summer family vacations, snag savings from local deals on events and activities, and score excellent deals on sports and outdoor equipment during aggressive deep discounting.” - Fat Wallet

18. “Plan enough time to really dig through the merchandise , and you can score the best bargains. Don’t be afraid to make a beeline for the clearance racks, and check for additional discounts on top of closeout products.” - Money Crashers

19. “The best lesson you can learn fast is that material goods aren’t going to fulfill you or bring you true happiness. You should prioritize your spending so that the important things are always taken care of: your needs, present and future, and the people you care about most.” - Gen Y Planning

20. “Sell off items. Whether it is baby gear you no longer need or housewares that aren’t getting use daily, you can earn some extra cash by selling items you no longer need or want.” - Mom Advice

21. “Professional [sporting] games can be quite costly. There are ways to get around this and cut the cost by quite a bit. Some of these options include going to a semi-pro game, checking out StubHub or Craigslist for discounted tickets, and going on deal days offered by teams.” - US News Money

22. “If you’re planning to use your smartphone [internationally] and don’t want to be tethered to sketchy hotel WiFi, consider T-Mobile’s contract-free plans, which now come with free international data and text messaging in over 120 countries, plus 20-cents-a-minute international calls.” - The New York Times

23. “The easiest way to save for retirement is to use your employer’s plan. Many employers offer plans, and you can have money automatically taken from your paycheck and deposited into a retirement account. However, don’t let a lack of a retirement plan at work stop you. In the United States, anyone with earned income can open an IRA and begin saving for retirement.” - Fabulously Broke

24. “There are countless crockpot recipes that are both cheap and easy. Plus, the crockpot will save you a ton of time. Just set it and forget it!” - MoneyNing

25. “When eating out, choose appetizers or desserts as meals to make your social time stretch longer and save 20-50% off the cost of an entree (depending on the restaurant, of course).” - The Penny Hoarder

26. “Most retailers have a low-high price filter or a price-maximum filter on their sites. This comes in handy when you’re searching for a specific item and want to stick to a budget.” - The Everygirl

27. “Check out the museums in your local town or city and see if they offer discounts or free times on certain days of the week.” - The Centsible Life

28. “Investing money can also provide outstanding motivation. The prospect of being able to earn money that you already have can turn investing into a lifelong pursuit. And once you’re earning money on your investments - in addition to earning extra income and cutting expenses - your move away from living paycheck-to-paycheck will become almost effortless.” - My Personal Finance Journey

29. “Skyscanner is unparallelled for finding bargain flights. It looks across multiple airlines and airline-scanning sites like Kayak to give you the cheapest deal whether you have flexible or set dates.” - The Cultureist

30. “One of the best ways to save money is to shop the ‘door-buster’ style back-to-school deals offered at a range of stores, ranging from big-box retailers to drugstores and electronics stores.” - MarketWatch

31. “A budget is a living, breathing document. It’s a guide that helps you balance your pressing financial needs, the things you want, and your big overarching goals. Those things aren’t static - they change. Your budget has to be able to change with it.” - The Simple Dollar

32. “Labor Day weekend is one of the best times of the year to shop for mattresses, with discounts of up to 60 percent at discount chains and department stores.” - US News Money

33. “You should always buy enough life insurance to cover the specific needs abundantly. The last thing you want is for your dependents to have insufficient resources after your death when only a few more dollars monthly would have significantly increased their coverage. Also, take care in selecting the length of your policy.” - Modest Money

34. “You can begin teaching your kids about money when they’re toddlers. They may not be able to understand spending and saving yet, but they can begin to understand delaying gratification. As they get older, you can begin talking to your kids about your family’s finances, why you make the money choices you do, and how to spend their own money wisely.” - Enemy of Debt

35. “If you are currently tight on money and live in a 2,000+ square foot house, it is time to downsize. Even if you have two or three kids, you can easily survive in a 1,200 square foot house and save hundreds of dollars each month on your mortgage.” - Narrow Bridge Finance

36. “Buy gas early in the week. Gas prices are typically lower in the beginning of the week. Statistically, they’ve been shown to be cheapest on Wednesdays, but this won’t be true every week. Since gas prices usually rise on the weekends, it’s better to buy early on in the week.” - Bargain Babe

37. “Travel midweek [to save money]. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday fares are most expensive. When flying on Tuesdays instead of Sundays on weeklong trips, air travelers can save an average $77 per ticket.” - Bargaineering

38. “Sell old [Halloween] costumes to offset the cost of new ones. If your kids (or you) aren’t willing to wear last year’s costume again, turn it into cash to help pay for this year’s costume.” - Kiplinger

39. “Do a little research to learn the tricks of saving . A quick search of “[your store’s name] + shopping + secrets” can net you savings hacks.” - The Penny Hoarder

40. “Check to see if there are any farms in your area, and if they offer ‘pick your own’ vegetables. Many farms allow you to pick your own potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, and more - for a lot less cash than what you’d pay at a grocery store.” - MoneySavingMom

41. “For $99 a year, in addition to some other perks, Amazon gives its Prime members free two-day shipping. If you order multiple items a month and would otherwise pay for two-day shipping, a Prime membership may save you a pile of loot.” - MarketWatch

42. “Take care of your refrigerator. Your refrigerator is one of the biggest energy users in the home. Clean the condenser coils frequently to keep it operating efficiently.” -

43. “For bank and credit card statements, take a moment to pore through them and see if there are any charges that are incorrect...but also if any of the charges now seem pointless. Are you charging a subscription fee for something you rarely use? Cancel that subscription. Did you buy something that you now regret? Change your habits. Your statements can trigger those changes.” - The Simple Dollar

44. “[For Black Friday], plot out your route. First, decide whether you want to hit the store that has the most items you want for a good deal, the one that has the must-have deal, or go in order of distance. Try to plot out a route that makes geographic sense. Go to the store furthest from home on your list and work your way back.” - The Frugal Navy Wife

46. “The key to taking advantage of the best Amazon Black Friday deals is to plan for them early - the sooner you know what you want, the quicker you’ll be able to ‘get in line’ online and buy it. This means staying abreast of current ads and sales, which means subscribing to Amazon’s promotional newsletter if you haven’t already.” - Modest Money

47. “As more Americans are taking out car loans, the prices of cars are increasing. This means that the average car loan principal is getting larger and larger. By purchasing a car that is over a year old, you avoid the 10% depreciation hit and the higher tax and insurance costs.” - WiseBread

48. “If you’re looking for a variety of workouts you can access anywhere, anytime, give Sworkit a try. From strength and cardio to yoga and Pilates, this free app has lots of great routines to choose from.” - DailyFinance

49. “If you have trouble paying bills on time, saying no to purchases you can’t afford, or just sense a credit card many not be a good idea for you - then trust your gut. While a credit card is a great tool to build financial health, it can also lead to painful consumer debt when used improperly.” - Broke Millennial

50. “There is no way to get out of debt by incurring new debt, so it’s time to cut up those cards - or at least store them where you can’t get to them. Eliminate as much temptation as possible. For example, if your downfall is online shopping, use a web blocker to block yourself from your favorite stores. If you tend to spend when out with friends, suggest a night in instead.” - Money Crashers

By: CouponPal

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