The 7 Best Black Friday Haul Videos of All Time

Have you ever been so proud of all the great deals you scored shopping on Black Friday that you decided to shoot a video about it? Well, many people have. Here are our seven favorites.

1. Black Friday Haul!!!

Perky, huh? Our favorite moment? At about 1:30 when she says she thought she was going to die in the Sephora store. Imagine her reaction when she found out how much she could have saved by using our Sephora coupons. Now that, I’d like to see.

2. Black Friday 2011 Haul!

Our favorite moment? At about 4:45 when she smells a candle from Bath and Body Works and talks about “holographic” packaging. Oh, and we wish we could smell it, too.

3. Black Friday Haul

Our favorite moment? At about 2:50 when she shows off a necklace she got at Forever 21 while a duck quacks in the background. It turns out the duck was actually her dog. Sorry for the spoiler.

4. Black Friday Haul 2012!!!

Our favorite moment? At about 7:00 when she talks about the sparkly shorts she bought at Forever 21 and says the word “booty.” We wonder if her and the previous girl, who also shopped at Forever 21, ran into each completely unaware that they both were going to be making videos about their experience. If you find out, please email us at

5. Black Friday Haul!! 2012

Our favorite moment? At about 12:45 when she mentions that she used a coupon while shopping at Victoria’s Secret. Smart girl.

6. HUGE Collective Haul!

First off, it’s very polite how she apologizes for the bad lighting at the beginning. No one else did that. Our favorite moment? At about 14:50 when she stops showing us stuff she got from Abercrombie and Bloomingdales to explain that she’s shooting in her parents’ room because her own room is a mess. Such honesty in the younger generation speaks well of the future.

7. Black Friday Trailer

Our favorite moment? All of them! Come on, Karloff and Lugosi in the same movie?! But if we have to pick just one, it’s at about :50 when we learn that “Into the body of a gentle scholar is grafted the brain of a criminal.” But does that brain know how to save money by finding Black Friday bargains?! The suspense is killing us!

There you have it. Did you notice that all but one of these were made by females, and that many of those females look alike? Plus, even in the one video not made by females, two of the females in it are both named “Anne.” Not sure what that means. I bet Bela Legosi would know. Too bad he’s dead, as legendary Goth rockers “Bauhaus” informed us.

If you’ve shot a Black Friday Haul Video and you’re not on this list, no offense. You can get some pointers by reading the article “How to Make a Shopping Haul Video for YouTube - A Walkthrough Guide.” So, try, try again and maybe you’ll make it next year.

By: Peter

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