The 7 Best Tech Accessories Every Fashionista Needs

As a true fashionista, I know that I need to have the complete look from head to toe - everything from my clothes and shoes to my jewelry and makeup. And, I can’t forget that having an on-point look means that my tech accessories have to be just as stylish as the rest of me. To help you achieve fashion perfection, here are the 7 best tech accessories you need to own!

1. Colorful Smartphone Case

Your phone is probably the item that most represents your style - since you have it with you 24/7. So, it should definitely reflect your personality. My favorite way to find unique and inexpensive smartphone cases is to search Amazon’s selection. They have zillions of options for every type of phone, and you can easily find one that fits your personal flair.

I also love T-Mobile’s iPhone 6 Case Mate Brilliance Case, since it’s sparkly and has a high level of protection. Don’t want something super showy? Try the Alcatel OneTouch Protective Cover from T-Mobile for just $19.99.

2. Earbuds

Earbuds are a great way to show off your style while you’re listening to tunes or chatting with friends. One of the best brands is Skullcandy since they have so many varieties to choose from. The Skullcandy Riff Headphones from T-Mobile are just $19.99, and have mic’d technology so you can easily take and make calls using them with your smartphone.

For a more unique and silly version, check out Decor Craft Inc.’s options (available at Amazon). They have everything from Peanut Butter and Jelly earbuds to Hedgehog earbuds for less than $13.

3. Headphones

If you’re like me, and think that earbuds are a tad uncomfortable, you can always go for the more traditional over-the-ear headphones. Outdoor Tech offers the ideal pair if you’re always on the go but want to stay on-trend. The Private Wireless Headphones come in several different colors, are touch-control, and can connect to your Bluetooth. If you want to save on the $99 price tag, use a discount code at checkout!

Amazon also has a lot of options that are pretty cheap, and they update the top deals on headphones every hour!

4. Extra charging power

A true fashionista knows the importance of being prepared, so you probably realize how crucial it is to carry extra charging power with you everywhere. One stylish option is the Universal Micro USB Car Charger in lovely pink for $29.99 from T-Mobile - it’ll charge your phone in the car and acts as a separate USB charger to charge other devices as well! They also have a pretty blue USB Wall Charger for the same price, that allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time!

Need to take your charging on the road? This Portable Power Bank in gold and silver is super lightweight so you can store it with you, and it even comes with a built-in LED flashlight! For $19.99, you can take power with you wherever you go!

5. Laptop or iPad case

Amazon also has a huge selection of laptop and iPad cases that will help show off your impeccable fashion sense. One of my favorite brands is Case Star, because of their cool designs and affordable prices. You can snag a Canvas Fabric Case that fits most laptop brands for just $15.99!

6. Smartwatch

One of the hottest new pieces of technology is the smartwatch. For a sleek look, check out the Moto 360 Black and Stainless Steel SmartWatch from T-Mobile. It’ll give you important notifications after you sync it with your smartphone, and you can also keep track of your steps and your heart rate! Want to save on the $249.99 price tag? T-Mobile offers awesome discounts on accessories! Need a little more color in your life? T-Mobile also has the Samsung Gear 2 Neo SmartWatch in bright orange.

7. Smart jewelry

Aside from the smartwatch, there are other jewelry options that allow you to use technology at the same time. Fitbit sells activity trackers that, to be honest, aren’t that attractive. Luckily, designer Tory Burch teamed up with them to create some gorgeous bracelets and pendant necklaces that will help you track your activity while still looking fabulous. Since the pieces run around $175-$195, don’t forget to snag discounts before you check out!  

Interested in buying some of these items from T-Mobile? Click below to purchase them!

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