The 9 Must-Have Accessories You Need for Coachella

The Coachella music festival is coming up next month (April 10-12 and 17-19), so you’d better start shopping now for anything you might need in order to look fashionable, be comfortable, and fully appreciate the rad music you’ll hear. Here’s a list of the 9 true essential accessories you’ll need to make your Coachella experience an awesome one.

1. Straw hat

You’ll definitely need a hat to keep you head protected from the potentially hot temperatures. Look cute while you steer clear of heatstroke with this adorable Day by Daisy Panama Hat from GoJane. It’s only $8.94, and is super lightweight, making it not only easy to wear but also easy to pack!

2. Lace-up sandals

Lace-up sandals are totally in for spring, so you can walk around comfortably, while still repping your fashion-forward game. These Bamboo Denim Espadrille Lace-Up Flat Sandals from UrbanOG are only $18.90, and would look great paired with a sundress or skirt.

3. Sunglasses

You’ll definitely need a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from the sun, and has a huge selection to choose from (not to mention they’re a sponsor of Coachella!). Select a pair from the many huge designers they offer (including Ray-Ban, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade). You can’t lose with an adorable pair like these Chloe sunglasses (on sale for just $63), and snag a discount code for even more savings!

4. Watch

Your worst nightmare would be missing a show because you’ve lost track of time. Don’t stress about having your phone charged, and just wear a watch (you know, telling time the old fashioned way!). UrbanOG has an adorable Floral Lattice Watch for just $21.90 that comes in 4 different colors (mint, black, pink, and ivory). You can also save on the price with a promo code!

5. Headband

If you’re totally over the floral crown trend, there are plenty of other options to dress up your hair, like these Braided and Bead Chain Head Wraps from Charlotte Russe. The best part is this 2-pack is just $6.99! So, you can give off a boho vibe without overdoing it (or hurting your wallet!).

6. Purse with shoulder strap

You’re definitely going to need a purse with a shoulder strap so you can keep your hands free for holding drinks or dancing without a care. This Fringe Cross-Body Purse is perfectly in line with the music festival vibe, and it’s just $16.99 from Charlotte Russe. You can even cut the price even lower with a discount code at checkout!

7. Backpack

Need to carry supplies with you for the day? No problem, if you bring a super portable backpack along with you. You don’t even have to settle for a boring version either. There are some must-have cute options from UrbanOG, like this Floral Canvas Backpack for $27.60. It comes in both blue and white, so you can choose the perfect one to match your Coachella wardrobe.

8. Scarf

Although you’ll probably be working up a sweat jamming to your favorite artists, you might get chilly at night. A lightweight scarf is a great option, like this Daisy Print Wrap Scarf from Charlotte Russe. It’s cheaper than a jacket (at $9.99) and way easier to stash in your bag for later!

9. Booties

If you want to wear something sturdier than sandals, booties are an ideal option. They won’t make your feet super hot, and they’re easy to dance in! The Double Trouble Buckled Booties from GoJane are just $19.94, and come in black, brown, and chestnut. Plus, they make an even better purchase when you use a coupon code at checkout!

So, shop now, and get all ready for the best music festival of the year!

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