The 9 Stages Of Going To Coachella As Told By Memes

The weekend you’ve been waiting for is almost here! Whether you’ve been to Coachella or not, these Coachella memes pretty much sum up what it’s going to be like from start to finish:

1. You almost pee yourself over the lineup when it’s released.


It’s almost unbelievable that this much awesome could possibly be in one place at one time, but it’s going to be and by golly you’re going to be there.

2. You get serious.


Yeah, of course you should go.

3. You experience crippling FOMO as you try to figure out how to afford it.


Everyone else seems to already have their plans in place and you’re scrambling to figure it out...what if you can’t get wristbands? The possibility is too unbearable to contemplate.

4. Your worst nightmare happens.


Maybe not to you, but it’s certainly happening to someone out there. Yes, that’s right – missing out. In fact, it’s happening to lots of people who for whatever reason aren’t going to be able to go. For the love of all that is holy don’t let it be you!

5. You plan to be in it for the long haul.


I mean, why on earth would you even bother going for one day? Coachella is a multi-day experience, and choosing to go for one day would be like...cutting off your own leg, or something.

6. You prepare for an awesome (and fashionable) time.


Coachella isn’t just a music festival, it’s an entire experience. Obviously you’re going to want to look the part (although maybe you don’t have to be quite as intense as this Coachella meme…) Besides your feathers and funky attire, make sure you have some sweet shades for the desert sun – this year is an official sponsor, so head over there to get some stunning sunglasses on the cheap.

7. You strategize the weekend.


Going to Coachella also takes some strategy – from road-tripping and where to sleep to which stages to go to and when, you’ve got to get your plan in order to have the best time. As this Coachella meme wisely points out, you should make sure to hydrate! And funky punch that some random dude offered you doesn’t count.

8. You try to be nice to the clueless ones.


Some people just seem to end up at Coachella without any idea what’s going on, like the chick from this funny Coachella meme. Try to be nice to them.

9. You deal with the hate from all your friends who didn’t get to go.


Haters gonna hate! Don't be so bitter, there’s always next year.

By: CouponPal

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