The 9 Steps Of Getting New Glasses (As Told By Gifs)

Getting new glasses is a harrowing journey even for the stoutest of souls. Whether you’ve had them before but you need to update your prescription and frames, or you’re getting them for the first time, let these funny gifs guide you on the difficult path ahead.

1. Realization.


You look in the mirror. And you can’t see your face clearly. You’re driving. And you can’t read the signs. Slowly, it all adds up, until you suddenly realize: I need glasses.

2. Acceptance.


After fighting it for a while – no, I just need to drive slower to read the street signs! – you finally resign yourself to the fact that you do, in fact, need new glasses.

3. Resignation.


You finally force yourself to go to the eye doctor and get an exam. You act like a real adult even though you’re screaming inside.

4. Deep Struggle.


You think maybe, just maybe, this time you’ll find some nice frames right there at the doctor’s office and you won’t have to mess with ordering them yourself. But of course the selection is terrible and you try on a million frames and everything makes you look like a weirdo. You get your prescription and go home, defeated.

5. Inspiration (And Tears).


You decide to order your glasses online. Firstly so you can have a better selection, and secondly so no one sees your tears.

6. Education.


The selection online is overwhelming so you decide you should read up on how to choose the right glasses for your face. You end up reading every article on the topic but staying the same level of frustrated – do you have a heart-shaped face or an oval one? HOW CAN YOU KNOW??

7. Resignation (Part 2).


You finally realize that you’re going to have to pick a pair of frames and hope for the best. You head over to and choose some that look like they’ll do the trick and fit in your budget. You almost begin to hope… to see the light… when you use a coupon code and save some $$ on your order.

8. Hope.


You do it. You click that button and order your glasses. Now all you can do is hope, hope, hope that they’re going to look as awesome as you want them to.

9. Ecstacy!


THEY ARRIVE! Fingers shaking with anticipation, you unpack your brand new glasses and try them on….



Congratulations! You’ll probably have to do this all over again in a year or two… but you’ll be stronger, wiser. For now, enjoy your spectacular new specs!

By: CouponPal

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