The ABC’s (and D) of Buying Your Kids Their Own Computer

Yeah, yeah, we all know they grow up so fast so let’s get to it – your kids are now needing to be on your computer as much as you are. Sharing just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Before I rushed out and bought mine something of their very own, I asked myself (then answered) the following questions:

A. Should I buy a desktop or a laptop?

Easy. Laptop. And it has to be rugged. It WILL be dropped. We live in a mobile world and while the image of my kids lugging around a desktop is amusing, it is in reality impractical. Sure, it would build up their muscles, but this is about their brains.

B. What will they use it for?

Playing Minecraft. Also, school, playing other games, watching video, and the Internet. They’re already teleconferencing with their teachers and school chums, so it has to have that capability built in along with a good display. Also, Wi-Fi.

Since they’ll be on the web a lot, that means I’m going to need something with good parental controls built in, or else I’ll have to buy additional software.

Speaking of software, it needs to come bundled with the most stuff possible. I don’t want to have to be buying a bunch of programs piecemeal on an as-needed basis. This includes anti-virus software like Norton.

It has to have lots of USB Ports. Everything runs on USB these days and from my own experience, you can never have too many.

C. Should I get a Mac or PC?

Since I’m a Mac person, my gut reaction was “Mac.” But then I realized that at school, they’re on PCs. Drat. Then again, PCs are cheaper. Plus, I could always get something like VMware to make it Mac compatible. So, PC it is.

I do know that running Mac on a PC, or vice-versa, eats up a lot of memory, so I’m going to need to go overkill on the RAM. I don’t want my kids complaining about how slow their computer is, so I want something that’s fast, too. I hate sluggish computers and have passed this trait on to my children.

D. What do “the experts” say is best the laptop for kids?

This was a lengthy search and destroy mission involving a lot of reviews, “Best” lists, etc. Basically, I cut and pasted all of them and looked for which one popped up most that met my own criteria established by taking all the things from A, B, and C into consideration.

These are the 3 that I narrowed it down to before making my final decision. Click on them for all the specs to compare and contrast.


HP Pavilion x360     Asus Transformer Book T100TA      Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Drum roll, please... I chose the HP Pavilion x360 because it came the closest to meeting all of my requirements when considering “bang for the buck.” Not only is it the least expensive ($389.99, which I got for less by using an HP coupon code), it is the newest. And in my book, newer is always better.

I’m sure my kids will appreciate all the time, effort, and money I put into buying this. Yeah, right.

By: Peter

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