The Best Black Friday Deals for Digital Cameras

If you plan on giving a digital camera as a gift this holiday season, take the time to look carefully and you can find great deals on some in-demand models that will really light up someone’s holiday. We looked at the cameras people are clamoring for this year, and where you might find the best deals for Black Friday.

Canon Powershot SX280 HS from 

When buying a camera for a loved-one, you have to keep their skill level and preferences in mind. For digital beginners. nothing beats a point-and-shoot, for both price and useability. One of the most tried-and-true point-and-shoot models is the Canon Powershot SX280, a small, 12MPX camera equipped with wi-fi for easy uploading, and a flexible optical zoom for shooting lots of different distances. Some models use AA batteries, rather than rechargeable, which can make the camera more accessible for the casual shooter. One of the best Black Friday deals for this camera can actually be had right now: Amazon has bundled the Powershot SX280 with a rechargeable battery set, memory card, camera bag, and more, for just $369. This is an ideal gift for a budding photographer, or a low-fuss user who won’t want to go buy any more accessories.

Lumix DMC-ZS30 from 

If you’re looking for a point-and-shoot with a little more functionality, high quality lens, and finer photographs, definitely check out the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS30. It’s a small, light camera, with a legendary Leica lens, and a huge, crystal preview screen. The Lumix shoots at 18.1 MPX, so the pictures are larger and clearer, plus the camera is equipped with wi-fi for quick and easy uploading of images. It’s high pixel count, fantastic lens, and manual-use abilities make it a great intermediary for a photographer who isn’t ready to make the DSLR leap. The Lumix is ideal for someone who prefers to be able to keep their camera in their pocket, but still wants a sharp image. Look for this camera to be everywhere, and make sure to check out Adorama for a good price come Black Friday.

Nikon D3200 from Target 

Finally, if your photographer is a little more advanced, the time has finally come where a DSLR can be had for about as much as a nice point-and-shoot camera. The benefits to using a DSLR are their high MPX count, their higher quality images, and faster shooting. Plus, they often have interchangeable lenses for a more customizable shooting experience. Aim for a trusty brand when looking for a DSLR, and keep in mind that the body and the lens of the camera are often sold separately. One of the most recommended entry-level DSLR cameras is the Nikon D3200, a zippy workhorse of a camera, featuring 24.2 MPX and HD video capabilities, with a snazzy, huge preview screen. This camera can shoot high-quality video and take very fine, quick photos without breaking a sweat. One of the best deals for Black Friday is actually available today. Check out Target, which is selling the Nikon D3200 bundled with one 18-55mm lens for only $499, the cost of many point and shoots. Check out their additional package deals, which allow you to accessorize with more lenses, cases, and filters, round out your gift for a very affordable price.

If a camera is what you’re giving this year, there are definitely great deals to be had, including some fantastic bundles. Be mercenary in your searching and happy shopping!

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