The Best Shopping Tips from November

Remember Black Friday? That was soooo last month. We’re kicking off December with a Cyber Monday celebration and look back at the best tips and stories from the month of November.

5. 4 Easy Tips to Save Money on Holiday Travel

Holiday travel doesn’t have to break the bank. Travel-hack expert Jason Steele has flown around the world and back for free and can show you how. Read to find out the basics on to get the best price and most rewards out of your trips this holiday season.

4. 11 Gifts a Geek Will Appreciate

Some people are just hard to shop for. If you have a geek in your life, this article makes finding the perfect gift easy to do for every Trekkie, Star Wars buff, and Big Bang Theory lover out there.  

3. The Best Black Friday Story of All Time

You think you had an interesting Black Friday? Nothing compares with Peter’s winter of 2006. Take a look at this must-read story of love, hate, humor and shopping and you’ll find that you can get more than a great deal on your next trip to the store.

2. 8 Reasons to Take Cover on Black Friday and Wait for Cyber Monday

Love huge crowds of pushy people? How about getting up before sunrise to shop in the cold? Yeah, me neither. In case you needed another reason to skip Black Friday and wait for Cyber Monday, our own homebody Chrissa spells out the reasons to shop from home this year.

1. 3 Gifts That Could End Your Relationship and What to Get Instead

The holidays are meant to be a time when we show each other how much we care and love one another. Yet, some gifts send the wrong message. Make sure you don’t give a gift disaster this year. Learn the most common mistakes and what you should do instead.

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