The Bigger The Screen, The Better The March Madness

At long last, it’s that brackets time of year again! For all of us suffering from NCAA tourney withdrawal, we can stop jonesing because our annual fix has finally arrived. Turn your home or apartment into THE place to be for March Madness viewing. How do you do that? With a new big screen TV from Paul’s. Scratch that – make it a HUGE screen TV. If you’re gonna go big, go really, really big. Like so big it’ll seem like the players are dripping sweat onto your floor, forcing you to towel it off so no one slips.

It turns out Paul’s is insanely generous when it comes dishing out money saving coupons, which is one of the many reasons we like them and get along so well. Another reason is their wide selection, including Samsung, LG, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, and more. Yet another reason is the fact they have lowest prices around. Could they call themselves “King of Big Screen” if they weren’t? No.

Now for some of the deals Paul’s TV has waiting for you to jump on. So what are you into? Plasma? They have a Smart, 3D, 50-incher for under seven hundred. LED? How about a 60-incher for under a grand? LCD? Say hello to a 55 inch beauty for less than eight hundred. You really have to check out Paul’s website to appreciate all of their incredible offers. We’ve just scratched the surface here to give you a taste, but whatever flavor you’re looking for, they’re gonna have it.

But wait – think you can’t afford a new big screen?  Think again because Paul’s TV has partnered up with GE Capital to make financing your new “most favorite thing in the world” easy, fair, and flexible to accommodate your budget. Plus, they’ll match any local store or internet price from an authorized dealer and guarantee that price for 30 days!

Make this year’s March Madness the best it can be. Set a record for creating “TV Envy” among your friends and enemies. Step up your game with a new big screen from Paul’s TV and let the games begin. The parties, too.

By: Peter

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