The Birds and The Bees and Macs and PC’s

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? Well, that being the case, that means kids need their own computers so fast, too. My wife and I were tired of our kids jumping from one of our computers to the other and it was clear it was time to get them their own. We told our son he could get a laptop. “Yea!,” they both screamed.  We then told our daughter, who’s a year younger, that she could get one next year. She then stomped off to her room.

“So what can I get?,” my son asked a little too greedily. I casually remarked that we have Mac desktops at home so he was already familiar with those, as well as with our iPad.

“Hmm, let’s see.” We sat down at my computer and began looking at the various Mac laptops and notebooks available. It didn’t take long for my son to ask, “Why do I have to get a Mac?” After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I politely explained that we were a Mac household and that’s just the way it was. He countered with “Just because you use Macs doesn’t mean I have to.” Drat.

I had hope to avoid the “Mac or PC” conversation with him until he was old enough to understand, but my hand had been forced by reality. I didn’t want him to have to hear the facts and rumors on the playground the way I did, so I began to spell out the specifics. Almost immediately, he cut me off, saying he already knew that part. Hmm.

Apparently he had worked (played) a lot on his friends’ PC laptops and it turned out that he was well aware of the greater variety of games and mods available for PC (case in point, Minecraft) so, that’s what he wanted. I continued my pitch for Mac, saying that next year, when he gets his first smart phone, he could get an iPhone; that way it would be compatible with his computer and iPad, and vice versa. He still seemed dubious.

I then remembered that there were ways to run PC programs on a Mac. We could do that and he’d then be able to get all the mods and games he wanted. That and the promise of an iPhone sold him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he would probably be getting either my wife’s or my old iPhone and we would get a new one. Oh well, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

Okay, so we were getting a Mac. Now to find the best software that would turn it into a virtual PC. I searched and found out it’s easy to run Windows on a Mac, but a huge pain in the butt to run Mac on a PC. I opted for the less pain in the butt route and told him “See? Another reason Macs are better.”

There are a few programs out there that let you do this, but the most popular and best reviewed was VMware’s Fusion 6, which coincidentally had just been released. Also, I had used VMare in the past with no problems, so it seemed the smart way to go. Plus, I found a coupon for it that saved me a tidy little sum. I noticed they also just came out with Workstation 10 that one of my IT buddies had been raving about.

But before I actually bought Fusion 6, I wanted to make sure we both understood it, so we watched this video:

“Okay, great, that’ll work. Thanks, dad.” “You’re welcome, son.” Case closed – I thought. “Um, dad, I have some questions about sex. Are there videos for that, too?” I shut the computer down and stood up. “Later,” I said. I walked away thinking about what I was going to tell him and making a mental note to double-check our computers’ parental controls. Kids grow up so fast...

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By: Peter

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