The Coupon Clipper's Way to Score a New Outfit

Clothing boutiques such as Karmaloop have awesome stuff that I want to buy. But the stuff does get somewhat trendy, especially when the most popular items sell out quickly. So many people buy the products available at full price, I like to check the sale section for stuff less people have.

If you could get the same exact product from the licensed distributor for half the price, wouldn’t you do it?

There are a few other fashion retailers of this type, who sell clothing and accessories that imitate high fashion trends. Even though they are imposter, they’re still well-made, which justifies charging a retail value that is much higher than, say, anything one might find at a bargain outlet. These kinds of stores often distribute merchandise by independent designers, who would not be able to sell their inventions on such a large scale otherwise.

I checked out a few other online storefronts on this branch, and Karmaloop was having the best sale. When I arrived at their website, it clearly said they were having a clearance sale with up to 75% off. The best part is there was a coupon for 40% off plus free shipping.

When I checked for any additional details or restrictions, it said there was 20% off orders over $50, 30% for over $100, and 40% off orders over $200. The free shipping order only applied for the flat rate option, which is fairly standard. (I hate paying for shipping.)

To start, I clicked on the sale tab. When there are 490 regular products and 2,268 items on sale, it doesn’t make much sense to buy anything at full price. In the sale section, I narrowed down the selection by choosing my sizes and favorite color. This filtered it down to 600 choices.

My first bargain was a pair of Your Eyes Lie jeans for half off. The designer denim normally goes for $70 a pair. These were $34.95, my favorite color and leg cut, and they have the high waist five-button closure that I’ve been looking for everywhere. These are a basic piece I can wear for years.

The See You Monday Plaid LA Bodysuit was made in the USA and is sure to make a splash in LA. According to Karmaloop, the stretchy plaid one-piece should be paired with high waist jeans, like the ones I bought! Originally priced at $46, it was 50% off the retail value at $22.95.

After much deliberation, the grand total was $57.90, but I still had to enter the Karmaloop promo code. I entered ‘KLPOLAR’ (limited time offer!) and clicked apply.

It turned out that I qualified for $11.58 off, bringing the grand total to $48.57. There was no charge for shipping, but for some reason a minimal $2.25 handling charge. Maybe they don't like boxes?

To confirm the receipt of sale, I checked my inbox. It took a minute or two, but soon enough, there it was.

Hooray! I can’t wait for my new pants to get here in 5-10 business days.

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