The Life Of A Frugalista As Told By Cats

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My parents had an their arms full raising me and my many siblings.

We lived in a very small house and I had to share a bedroom that was no larger than a box with my brothers and sisters.


As a kitten, I had to fight for every meal, and no one got seconds.

kitten rivalry

I always dreamed what it meant to be raised with a silver spoon...

silver spoon kitten

My parents made sure I studied hard and got into a good college.

cat reading

When I finally left home, I still had to share a tiny dorm room with no privacy.


That’s when I decided to move into my own place for the first time...

...and bought a cell-phone to stay in touch with my family, but soon went over my minutes.


Everything cost so much. I couldn’t believe how many quarters I spent to do laundry.

I got my first credit card to help stay on top of expenses.

But, I made a few irresponsible purchases...


And paid for one-too-many unnecessary trips to the spa for haircuts...

...and massages.

I found a job as a bartender to help with the growing bills.

I even sang for in the streets to bring in some extra cash on weekends.

It taught me to hold onto my money and learned to cut expenses and use coupon codes wherever possible.

money cat

I stopped drinking so many soft drinks, and started drinking more tap water.

When I went shopping, I kept my eyes out for deals and always used coupons.

shopping cat

I got really into DIY projects as gifts and friends started asking me for tips.

So, I started a blog to share my expertise.

Cheezburger animated GIF

Now writing is a full-time gig. People even interview me to find out the best ways to save money.

Be sure to keep your eye out for the latest articles – you just might find a money-saving trick straight from my paws.

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