The Many Benefits of Ordering HP Ink Online

Going out to an office supply store or anywhere else to buy your printer ink and toner doesn’t make a lot of sense. It takes up your valuable time getting there and then standing in line to check out, it uses gas that you don’t need to use, and it wastes money. Conversely, shopping on Hewlett Packard’s website DOES make a lot of sense, especially when you use an HP coupon code for extra savings.

First off, you can save big when you buy Super Combo Packs – up to 40% per page with their high-capacity cartridges. Many of HP’s deals include bonuses such as a FREE Photo Paper Gift Pack. Secondly, finding the ink you need couldn’t be simpler. You can search by Printer, Cartridge Number, Printer Type, Printer Series, or Printer model, whichever works best for you. Just enter the info and they’ll figure out what you need.

Ever stood in an aisle staring at countless boxes of ink and searching for a manual to help you choose? Then when you find the manual, the page you need is missing? Then when you do finally track it down, they’re out of your particular ink? Not fun. Complete waste of time. Polar opposite of the HP shopping experience. Plus, this being HP, you can be assured they’ll actually have your ink stock and ready to ship immediately.

When the results of your search instantly appear, you can then sort by Best Match, Lowest Price, Highest Price, Top Rated, Top Discount, or Top Saving percentage. They actually tell you in a completely transparent way how you can save the most money! They don’t have to do that. I consider that genuinely looking out for and respecting their customers.

Besides price and convenience, another benefit is HP’s “My Print Rewards” program. It’s fast, easy and free to sign up. All you do is select your printer and then save your profile. You then can receive a 10% reward savings on ink & toner every day after your first purchase. You also get free shipping with next business day delivery, plus exclusive offers & deals available only to members of the rewards program.

Let’s summarize why purchasing HP ink online is such a good idea:

  • Free shipping

  • Next day delivery

  • Cost savings

  • Gas savings

  • It’s kind to the environment

  • Convenience

  • You get a free e-gift card

  • Selection

  • Availability

Oh, and if ever thought about trying some of those “bargain” ink places that carry knock-off HP cartridges that they claim are just as good as the real thing? Guess what? You get what you pay for. I can personally attest to the fact that they ARE NOT as good as the real thing. Their cartridge leaked, the ink smudged, and it also clogged up my print heads. No lie. Plus, a week after ordering from one of them, a fraudulent charge appeared on the credit card I used. This has never happened before. Coincidence? I think not. I emailed them about the situation and they never even wrote back.

Go with the people you can trust, both with the quality of their product, and with your personal information. The name of those people is Hewlett-Packard. Know why they’re #1? Because they’re the best. So, bottom line? Shopping for all of your ink and toner online at HP will save you money. Very good to know.

By: Peter

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