The Five Best Captain Obvious Commercials of 2014

A new advertising icon burst onto the scene this year, as instantly memorable in his wacky sincerity as a certain gal with a rather creative sense of fashion who promotes car insurance or the man known for his many life adventures as well as his taste in beer. Of course, we're talking about Captain Obvious of Dressed like a cross between a movie usher and a cruise director, he’s not from your neck of the woods or maybe even this dimension.

Since then, Captain Obvious has risen to become one of the most popular new media characters. Each new chapter of the Captain’s adventures racks up thousands of hits on YouTube. Comments from the Captain's fans include “This is the comments section of Captain Obvious’s latest video” and other takes on the Captain’s unmistakable singular point of view.  

With several spots under his rather high-waisted belt, there is a light-hearted debate as to which one is the Captain’s best. So . . . drumroll please . . . here we rank the top five Captain Obvious commercials of 2014 for your viewing pleasure.

5. Awk-ward . . .

This shows that Captain Obvious is never funnier than when he fails to pick up on what’s right under his nose – in this case a couple looking to book a room on (It looks like they could use a coupon code  to save even more money.) It also marks the debut of a new punchline/catchphrase that begs for a hashtag.

4. Obviously Not

A family checks into a room that looks like the setting of the next installment of the Saw franchise – complete with severed digit. Note the Dad’s nodding familiarity with Captain Obvious and the Captain’s deadpan response to a sarcastic crack.

3. App-solutely Oblivious

This one sets the Captain hotel bar just a few stools down from a drop-dead gorgeous woman who looks like she looooves a man in uniform. The real star is’s mobile app which helps you book a nearby hotel room from wherever you are. Note the Captain’s drink of choice: not as obvious as you think.

2. April Fool’s Day

This is one of the "checking in" series the Captain uses to commemorate every holiday from Father's Day to Thanksgiving. This one’s a bit of a brain twister, with the viewer almost not able to follow his own logic. Of course, it fits right in with the silly shenanigans associated with April 1st. (Anyone else wonder what those medals on his chest are exactly for?)

1.  Meet the Captain

The debut of Captain Obvious is a sixty-second tour de force where he completely lives up to his name by way of introduction and shows exactly what he hides under that blazer. If you've only seen the broadcast version you haven't seen everything. There’s no forgetting that snug swimsuit he wears when pointing out that “the pool is filled with water.” 

By: Dan

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