The Perfect Day at Half Off Thanks to Groupon

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you went crazy and bought a ton of Groupons all at once? With all of the amazing deals offered by Groupon on a regular basis, it is hard to find a reason to pay full price anywhere.

According to research data from NPD Group, 20% of US consumers are signed up for the Groupon newsletter. Furthermore, 50% of US consumers are aware of Groupon's existence as of May 2012. EVOC INSIGHTS found that 30% of consumers in the US make use of Groupons. I’m still mad that I only found out about it a few months ago.

A 2011 study by Business Insider found that the top market for Groupon is Chicago, which is where their headquarters is located. Since the Windy City is the top market, it follows that they must have good Groupons.

Please keep in mind that Groupons are available for a limited time. This itinerary is meant to provide you with inspiration for your own version of the perfect day, no matter where you are.

Wâfel - Chicago

We’re staying at a luxury hotel downtown that has pillow-top mattresses and a concierge, because waking up there is part of the perfect day. We have a busy schedule ahead of us, so we stop at Wâfel for some gourmet waffle sandwiches crafted with ingredients like eggs, nutella, or fried chicken. We saved 50% off the bill by paying with a Groupon.

Kellers Farmstand - Oswego

Oswego is about an hour east of Chicago in the beautiful countryside of Illinois. Keller’s Farm draws us there with promises of 13-acres of corn mazes, hayrides, petting zoos, and fresh apple cider donuts. We obtained our tickets ahead of time on Groupon for half of the original asking price.

Jet’s Pizza - Lombard

It is not a trip to Chicago without the deep-dish pizza, so we stop by Jet’s Pizza on our way back to the city. Hopefully, you didn't fill up on apple cider donuts, because now it's time for some deep-dish pizza, wings, Turbo Stix, and subs. Food tastes better when you save 45% off of your meal.

Gallos Caves - Dunning

I have never heard of a salt cave, but apparently it is good for the health to sit in one for 45 minutes. We want to look good for dinner so the exotic spa treatment it is. According to Gallos, this will help with our debilitating respiratory ailments, rheumatic pain, and digestive problems. I’m glad we only paid half the price on Groupon.

Moonshine - Wicker Park

After a rest-filled nap, we are ready to get drunk. This is a vacation after all. Everyone is meeting at Moonshine in wicker park for liquor and craft beers. With some of the best gourmet pub food in the city and a Groupon for 50% off, it is the place to be in Chicago. Who knows what this evening may hold? Maybe we should check the nightlife section on Groupon.

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