The Power and Benefits of Wearing Hats

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Want to get dad a gift that he’ll love AND actually use? Get him a baseball hat with his favorite team’s logo on it. Better yet, get him one for each of his favorite teams in each of his favorite sports. Get yourself one while you’re at it. Few things signify a father and his offspring’s bond better than matching hats.

Where should you get these hats? They sell hats and caps by brands like Nike and Puma, plus they’re licensed to sell the official gear of pro and college teams. If it can be put on a hat, Lids can do it in a variety of comfortable styles that will make your head get noticed – in a good way.

Besides showing support for your team and looking good while doing it, there are many other benefits of wearing hats. Such as:

  • Keeping your hair moisturized. After washing hair, moisture can escape quickly, leaving hair dry and puffy.

  • Protecting your eyes from artificial lighting. It’s a fact that tube lights are not good for your eyes.

  • Keeping you warm. Much of the body's heat is lost through the head. Wearing a hat can slow and prevent some of this loss.

  • Protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • Hiding bad hair.

According to Guinness, the world record for the number of caps owned by one person was set in 2006 with more than 82,000 caps. By the time this man passed away, that number had grown to more than 109,000, which he left to his son. There are no stats available on how many of these were purchased using a coupon code, but do the math and it’s easy to see that the savings would have been beyond substantial.

Giving your dad a favorite hat says you connect with him, that you understand and accept who he is. Want some other father/son bonding tips? Have a look at this article. For the females out there, here’s one for father/daughters. In addition to the bonding aspects of hat giving, they’re useful, they’re stylish, and they make a statement. So, come on – man, woman, boy or girl – get your father a hat. He’ll love you for it.

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