The Secret Least Crowded Days at Harry Potter World

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Want to have the most fun possible with family or friends at America’s many theme and amusement parks? Go when no one else is there.

Living in Los Angeles, we’re just a maximum 2-hour drive from some of the most popular theme parks in the country, and have visited them all. We have learned our lesson the hard way that going when they’re crowded is basically a waste of time and money. You spend most of your time standing in lines. You do not have fun, in fact, you have the opposite of fun. Completely pointless.

But even though we have all theses choices right on our doorstep, my kids kept begging to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is on the other side of the country in Orlando, FL. They are building another one at Universal Studios in Hollywood, but that won’t be open until 2016. Think my kids could wait that long? Could yours?

We agreed to take them but wanted to be positive we’d get the most out of the experience. That meant going on the least crowded day in the history of the park’s existence – or at least try to. I had heard from friends, and read on the web, that the crowds there could be a nightmare.

I googled “least busy day at harry potter world” to see what I could discover. I found tons of sites that offered useful tips on visiting the world of Voldemort’s nemesis, but no cold, hard facts on actual attendance by day and month. Drat.

So, I looked at all those tips about not going in the summer, avoiding special attractions days, going mid-week, etc., and made a calculated decision; AND IT WORKED!

Ready for the best dates to visit Potter World? Here they are:

*** After Thanksgiving and before school’s Xmas break! ***

For us, that meant going between Dec.1 and Dec. 20. We pulled the kids out of school and went on Tues. Dec. 10th and Wed. Dec. 11th. Maybe it was a fluke, but we pretty much owned the place. It was a ghost town and we loved it. We bought Fast Passes to avoid long lines but didn’t need them because THERE WERE NO LINES! None. We were even allowed to ride some attractions two times in a row because no one else was waiting to get on. I kid you not – it happened.

If you’re hesitant to go during the winter, remember, this is Orlando – what winter are you talking about? They don’t have one. The weather was beautiful; not too hot, not too humid, and of course, not too cold.

I got discounts and booked the whole trip, plane tickets, park tickets, hotel, shuttles, everything – through Travelocity in about ten minutes. Which, believe it or not, was about the longest we had to wait for anything at Potter World. So, take my advice – go during the first two weeks of December and you’ll have a crowd-free blast.

Oh, and only pass this info on to your very best friends, or you know what will happen.

By: Peter

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