The Secret Way to Get More Ink Out of Your Cartridge

Most YouTube videos are kind of pointless. How many links do you really need to be forwarded of dogs doing something silly or people falling? (Well, actually people falling is always funny!). However, sometimes you come across a video that can actually help you - like this one that offers a secret tip for making your ink cartridge last longer!

Follow these steps to help you save ink (and money!).

Step 1: Check to see which cartridges are running low.

If your ink levels are low, you’ll probably see a similar message on your screen.

Instead of heading straight to the store to buy a new one, you can use this trick to get more ink out of the low cartridge. Before you do anything, look to see which color is running low.

Step 2: Take out the ink cartridge.

Remove the cartridge that is almost out of ink. Then, unfold a paper clip, so there’s a pointy end to use.

Step 3: Use a paper clip to reset the memory.

There’s a small circuit board in every ink cartridge that helps to keep track of the level of ink that is left. However, this memory is not always super accurate. You can actually reset the memory by using your paper clip to press the middle button (it looks like a small hole at the top of the circuit board).

Step 4: Put the ink cartridge back in.

Replace the ink cartridge back in the printer. Once you’ve refreshed your screen, you should see that the ink levels have automatically risen - putting you back in business! This trick could help you increase the ink you have left by almost 50%!

So, instead of replacing your ink every time you run low, you can use this trick instead! Because saving money is always a good thing! Of course, when you really run out of ink, you can head to Inkfarm for affordably priced cartridges. Plus, you can get even more savings when you use a coupon code at checkout!

And if you want to be the hero of your friends, forward this trick on (instead of a video of a dancing kitten!). 

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