The Signs of Malware & What to Do About Them

Have you noticed your computer “acting up?” Is it suddenly more sluggish than it used to be? Have you ever accidentally opened an email attachment or visited a website by mistake and immediately had a bad feeling? If so, you may have contracted a virus or some other form of malware. Fortunately, with anESET discount code you can get the software to kill whatever bug you’ve picked up while preventing future contamination. Here’s a quick overview of some telltale signs that you may have been infected:

  • Error messages begin to appear when they didn’t before

  • Pop-up ads interrupt your browsing experience for unrelated websites

  • Your browser’s homepage changes without you telling it to

  • People have begun to receive messages from you that you didn’t send

  • Force quitting programs no longer works

  • Antivirus software fails to update as expected

  • Programs open automatically and unexpectedly

  • Sounds, images, and messages arise unexpectedly

  • Your computer slows down significantly, or freezes frequently

  • Files and folders move locations or disappear

These issues could also be symptomatic of hardware or software problems, but you should take immediate action to remedy them in case they are malware related, such as the following:

  • Update your antivirus software to get the latest definitions. If you’re unable to update, use a friend’s computer to download them and install them on the affected machine. If you do not have an antivirus program such as ESET installed, get one immediately!

  • Disconnect your computer from the Internet. Many viruses and other malicious programs are activated and updated to avoid detection by communicating with their source via web.

  • Virus scan the entire computer and delete or sequester all suspicious files.

  • Update your system software.

  • Re-run that Virus scan!

Always keep your eyes open for changes in how your computer functions, and make sure you have the latest and best in anti-virus protection installed. Malware never rests, so don’t let your guard down for even an instant.

By: Peter

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