The Top 10 Cutest Animals Opening Christmas Presents

One of the best times of the year is when you get to tear into your Christmas presents. It’s a genuine feeling of joy and anticipation about all the loot you’re getting! Well, we share that excitement with the animal kingdom - turns out animals love to open gifts as much as we do! Here’s a look at the top 10 cutest animals opening their Christmas presents.

1. These lemurs who have to learn to share.

Ever received a joint gift? If you grew up with siblings and ever heard your parents utter the dreaded phrase, “But you have to share it,” you’ll understand what these lemurs are thinking.

2. This chimpanzee who knows the best thing about Christmas is the presents.

Sure, you’d like to buy into all that “Christmas is all about giving” spirit, but you get that it’s still really awesome to receive! This chimpanzee’s smile shows he gets what Christmas is truly about - getting rad presents!

3. This lion who’s thinking, “This is all I got?!”

We’ve all been there - you open a gift box to discover there’s only something tiny inside, and you keep digging around, hoping there’s something else hidden in the box. This lion is wishfully poking around to make sure he didn’t miss another present. Sorry, lion, looks like that’s all you got.

4. This meerkat who appreciates a good wrapping job.

Anyone who’s spent a ton of time nicely wrapping a gift understands how much effort goes into the wrapping process. This meerkat probably really tried to rip the paper off gently!

5. This armadillo who can’t be bothered with tearing off wrapping paper.

If you’re not a patient person, you feel like you simply don’t have time to rip the wrapping paper off at the corners. So, you have to get straight to the source, like this armadillo. Ain’t nobody got time for careful unwrapping!

6. This panda who thinks opening presents is exhausting.

It takes a lot of effort to unwrap each and every gift you receive (you’re definitely lucky to get so many presents!). But, after all that opening, you can get pretty tired. This panda feels your pain - Christmas is exhausting!

7. This lion who really hopes there’s food inside.

Perpetually hungry people are always hoping they’ll get food as Christmas presents (fruitcake, cookies, a Slim Jim - doesn’t matter!). This lion feels the same way, although he’s probably hoping for something more along the lines of raw meat.

8. This sea lion who can open presents anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to wait to open Christmas presents while you’re sitting around the tree. In fact, you’re more than happy to open them anytime. Although you might want to steer clear of opening them in the water, unless you’re this sea lion.

9. This tiger is so cool he got a personal delivery from Santa.

Unless you’re under the age of 10, you’re probably not getting many presents from Santa anymore. However, if you’re as cool as this tiger, you might still get some gifts in your stocking from you-know-who.

10. This white lion who’s hoping his gift isn’t breakable.

This lion is a perfect example of why it’s not always a good idea to shake your presents. It’s also recommended not to step on them with your giant paws.

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