The Top 4 Brands of Haband Shoes

Within every group, there are clear winners, all stars, and front-runners. This is just life. It really doesn’t matter what kind of ‘group’ you’re judging, you will always find a select few that stand out in the crowd. This is also true of the shoe world.

If you go into your closet right now, (seriously, go do it) and grab 10 pairs of shoes, you’ll have at least two or three pairs that you wear more than the rest. Maybe they’re more comfortable than the others. Maybe they’re a bit more worn in and provide some extra room for toe-wigglin’. Maybe the quality of these few pairs is just at a much higher level than the rest.

Are the remaining seven or eight pairs a different brand than the few you love the most? If you’re anything like me, when you find a brand of shoes you love, you become unshakably loyal and don’t buy anything else. If you’re a frequent Haband shopper, here are the brands you should try out first. And don’t forget to save BIG by using one of our Haband discount codes  at checkout!

1. Easy Street 

Easy Street has been in the shoe game for over 50 years. Their motto is “We’ve got your size” and with 43 available sizes and four widths, we can pretty much guarantee the accuracy in that. 

Haband currently offers two styles of Easy Street shoes for women. Both comfortable, reliable, and can be paired with any warm-weather ensemble. They also come in three colors (bone, mauve, and white).

2. Dockers

A leader in the khaki game since 1986, Dockers has also solidified itself as the go-to for anything and everything professional and business casual. When people want to look “presentable” or “classic”, there’s a good chance that you’ll find the navy blue anchor logo somewhere on their clothing, even if it’s just on the bottom of their shoes. Even when it’s time to relax, you can still look classic with these Dockers Microterry Slippers on Haband.

3. New Balance

Fun fact: In 1906, the inventor of New Balance shoes (William Riley) was first inspired by a chicken foot, in an effort to relieve laborers' foot pain and help them stay on their feet. And here we are, over 100 years later, seeking the elite comfort and support that this brand offers. 

At Haband, comfort is priority one and they offer several New Balance styles for men. Check out these Mosie Slide Sandals that are perfect for summer.

4. Dr. Scholl’s 

I feel like I should personally thank Dr. Scholl for every 60’s inspired look I’ve ever seen. Why? Because the hippie wooden sandal with the single colorful strap in the middle was his brainchild! 

So now that this brand has gone ahead and sealed their spot in the fashion hall of fame right off the bat, they have chosen to dedicate their focus to creating innovative footwear that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Basically, they do their very best to keep your dogs from barking.

And it’s quite clear that Dr. Scholl’s is a Haband favorite, because there are plenty of styles to choose from. I’ll never turn my back on a classy pair of Mary Janes, and these come in three colors!

There you have it. The elite and trustworthy brands of Haband. Enjoy the future happiness of your feet.

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