The Top 4 New Apple Products From MacMall

When the time comes to purchase a new Apple product, whether it be a computer, tablet, or phone, you’ll find me at MacMall. The Apple Store is fun, don’t get me wrong. I mean, aside from the constant crowds and limited availability for appointments. Aesthetically, it’s like going shopping in a spaceship. And I really don’t spend enough time outside of our galaxy, so it’s a cool experience. But is it worth paying top dollar for an already-expensive product? Not if I can avoid it.

The wonderful thing about MacMall is that you can purchase any Apple product or accessory for less than you would spend at Apple. Combine that with the incredible MacMall coupon codes available, and your new Apple just got a little sweeter! MacMall carries Apple’s entire line of the newest customizable desktops, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, iMacs, displays, software, and accessories complete with AppleCare protection options. Custom-made Apple products are also available at MacMall. To break down the best of the best, here’s my top four favorites at MacMall.

1. The iMac 

This might be the best computer available on the market today. The iMac is available with a Fusion Drive that permits high-capacity hard-drive storage but performs like flash storage.The latest version is the thinnest IMac yet at 5mm.

But just because it’s thin doesn’t mean it’s small. For screen size, it’s available in a 21.5 in. or the 27 in. version. 

BONUS: the screens in new iMacs feature a 75% reduction in glare from previous models. Available here.

2. The MacBook Air

So efficient and so convenient, this baby can fulfill all of your computer needs. It’s thin, light and perfect to take with you wherever you go. It’s also tough, with a long-lasting battery and speedy media loading capabilities.

And oh how I love the screen! The screen is bright and crisp with minimal irritating glare. Available here.

3. The MacBook Pro w/Retina

 Speaking of magnificent screens. The MacBook Pro w/Retina has the best display around, setting an industry standard. The latest version has some killer upgrades, most notably HDMI and faster ports. As far as performance goes, this might just be the best laptop on the market. Available here.

4. The iPad 

Last, but certainly not least is everyone’s BFF of the tablet world, the iPad. I think the commercial below can sum up some of the coolest capabilities the iPad has to offer, so I’ll give you a moment to check that out before I continue.

Not only can you manage work documents and presentations, you can kick back at the end of the day and play games, tinker around on your social networks and enjoy other media options like video, ebooks and music. You know how they say having a pet can extend your life and increase overall happiness? The same can be said for the iPad. Pick up your new little buddy here.

Now I think it's time to do some shopping, don't you? Enjoy your savings, your additional discounts with our MacMall coupon codes and then your shiny new toys!

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