These 14 Coffee Memes Express Your Addiction Perfectly

Yeah, your friends might say they “need” their coffee, but you take it to another level. Your bond with coffee runs deep, so deep only other serious coffee addicts will truly understand it. Don’t worry, there are others like you out there, sipping down mugs of coffee and creating hilarious coffee memes like these:

1. You’re just not yourself until you’ve had your cuppa.


Prince Charming could kiss you to wake you up, and you would still be a monster until you have at least one mug of Joe coursing through your veins.

2.You can absolutely forget about having any type of human interaction before your coffee.


I've tried to explain this to my family, friends, and boyfriend so many times, but sometimes coffee memes explain it better. Doesn’t matter who, doesn’t matter what or why, I'm not going to be civil before my mug of sunshine.

3. Running out of coffee is basically the apocalypse.


This can’t be happening.

4. Absolutely nothing is getting done without your fix.


Sorry, no coffee, no workee.

5. By the time you get to work, it’s time for a bit of a pick-me-up.


The first cup is to get to work, then of course you need more to actually start working. Thank goodness for the mysterious coffee angel who sets up the coffee maker before everyone else even arrives. God bless you.

6. Some people just don’t understand your relationship with coffee.


This coffee meme is a little aggressive, but sometimes you feel that way toward those uninformed coffee destroyers. Why would you ruin a beautiful cup of coffee with all those nasty syrups and flavors?!

7. You might be a teensie bit of a coffee evangelist.


Maybe you get a little pretentious about your fancy tastes sometimes, but people just need to be educated about real coffee. You know, the gourmet stuff, Cafe Britt and Gevalia, not Starbucks. Or *shudder* Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

8. You need your coffee strong and dark.


None of that sugary weak nonsense for you.

9. Sometimes with a bit of extra oomph...


This coffee meme makes it sound a little ridiculous, but that's just because they don't understand what it's like to be a true caffeine junkie. You’ve gotten so used to the caffeine that you need it pretty darn strong before you can really feel it.

10. Anytime is a good time for another cup.

Bird Circle.gif

In fact, all these coffee memes are making me want a cup. Already had three? Well, don’t let the Swedes beat you, have another mugful!

11. Coffee is your secret to success.


How else do you think you got here? Jump now, look later!

12. In fact, there’s no problem that coffee can’t solve.


Whoever made this coffee meme understands the struggle you go through. Too much coffee? Drink more and you reach another plane of consciousness. Gotta fight fire with fire. 

13. Sometimes maybe you do overdo it a bit...


Your friends might notice you’re slightly vibrating by 3 PM.

14. But you deeply appreciate the beauty and wonder that is coffee.


You’re not alone.

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