These 17 Spot-On New Years Memes Are Your Life

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2014 is almost over! Ring in the new year 2015 with these hilarious new years memes and gifs that probably give a pretty accurate depiction of exactly how the festivities will go for most of us. After all, it’s just another year.

1. When you start thinking too hard about the meaning of “new year.”


You or someone you know is bound to get thinking a little too deeply about time and the transient nature of all things...possibly with chemical assistance. Either way, roll with it.

2. When you realize what another passing year really means.


Thanks, Grumpy Cat, I didn’t really want to think about that.

3. When you try to list your accomplishments for the year.


Yup, nothing noteworthy. Just like this funny new years meme, you might feel like you've wasted another year without doing all the cool stuff you kept saying you’d do. At least there’s always next year!

4. When your boss ruins everything.


This new years meme makes my blood boil, and I don’t even work retail. Don’t worry though, the party will probably still be going by the time you get off work….you just might miss your New Years kiss :(

5. When you’re on your way to the party.


So stoked! This is going to be the best New Years party ever!

6….and then on your way home in the morning.


Yeah, let’s not talk or I might throw up. I think this new years gif pretty much sums up how most of us feel after a good New Years party.

7. When you actually stay classy on New Years.


You’re probably going to feel exactly like this exasperated new years meme while everyone talks about how crazy they got. Sorry, that’s just part of the whole experience.

8. When you don’t get the New Year’s kiss you were hoping for.


Maybe next year...

9. When you plot vengeance for your missed kiss.


Ok so there’s no need to actually get violent like this funny new years meme, but you know what they say: success is the best revenge! So maybe get started on your New Year’s Resolutions…

10. When you’re setting your New Years Resolutions


It’s always a toss-up, should you go with the realistic resolution or the idealistic one? I think we all know which option the fat cat in this new years meme would go with.

11. When you make really big New Year’s Resolution plans.


This is going to be your year!

12. When you're trying to keep your resolutions.


You probably have some really lofty goals this New Years, but this new years meme has some pretty solid wisdom: it’s not quite as simple as just saying you’re going to do something. Going to the gym every day is hard!

14. When reality hits...


It’s just so much easier to say you’ll do it than to actually do it.



I think we can all relate to Pusheen in this New Years Resolution meme. I mean, come on, let’s get real here.

15. When you blame your New Years Resolution failure on bad luck.


Hopefully your luck isn’t actually as bad as Bad Luck Brian’s. But, you know, if the store is out of the low-fat option and only has the regular one left, then, I mean, what were you supposed to do? It was all just bad luck, not your fault.

16. When you realize the truth about New Years Resolutions.


This New Years meme is 100% correct – if you don’t succeed at the turn of the new year, you have the whole rest of the year to make the positive changes in your life that you want to make! Woohoo!

And on that note…

17. Happy New Year 2015!


Hopefully your party will be this awesome!

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