Think Your Computer is Safe? Think Again.

Even when you think you’re covered cyber-security wise, you may not be. That’s because threats are constantly evolving, and unfortunately, getting harder to stop. That’s why it’s essential for you to have the latest and best security software installed. It can be easy to forget or neglect – you loaded some anti-virus software a couple of years ago and haven’t thought about it since. Well, identity thieves, hackers, and other bad guys are thinking about how to get at you every day, constantly coming up with new ways to get around outdated protection.

A check on recent virus news turned up this:

Recent Threats

Name                                   Date Discovered

PWS.y!576BEB1FC77F          6/3/2013

PUP.x!90A17B05C9A0            6/3/2013

A649419443FF                        6/3/2013

PUP.x!yc!4EB512B94E3C       6/3/2013

BackDoor!60669C327955       6/3/2013

.dx!chx!4324D0B3C6E1          6/3/2013

That’s 6 in just one day! To be even more specific, another article, “Malware That Drains Your Bank Account Thrives on Facebook,” describes how a malware program embedded in Facebook “finds your machine through a phishing email and remains hidden away until you log into a bank site. From there, according to reports, the malware steals your passwords and drains your account.”

In case you were unaware, Facebook has a Security Tips page that you should definitely check out at some point if you haven’t already. Some of the tips include how to:

• Protect your Facebook account

• Avoid the scammers

• Use advanced security settings

• Recover a hacked Facebook account

• Stop imposters

Here’s the link:

Of course, these tips are pretty specific to Facebook, and while helpful, your computer needs to be safe from cyber-criminals from wherever, and however, they attack. That’s why you really need some all-inclusive protection like Norton 360. It guards against viruses, Trojans, spyware (and everything else) and is available with a big discount.

With all the emailing, social networking, and file sharing we have to do, you can’t always depend on the other guy to be as diligent as you are, so you must be doubly diligent, right? Not only are you interacting with their computer, you’re also interacting with every computer they’ve come in contact with.

So, if you do have outdated security software (or none at all) get on the ball and get some before it’s too late. After all, preventative medicine is the best kind, and can save you a world of hurt.

By: Peter

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