This is a Robbery: Give Me Your Google Wallet

Google Wallet promises to make payments easy by creating a virtual wallet that allows you to use payment cards, apply promotional offers, and more, both online and in person. Dealing so closely with money, it’s important to ensure your wallet’s safety. Thankfully, the app is written for the Android platform and with a Kaspersky promo code you can get added security with their mobile security platform.

Shortly after the 2011 launch of Google Wallet, reports surfaced that it’s security could be breached. Initially, an engineer at zVelo demonstrated how the program can be hacked if someone is allowed access to the phone. The engineer discovered that the PIN code to access Google Wallet was stored on the phone’s file system and not in the Secure Element of the chip. Just a day later, another vulnerability was revealed – this one even less complex.

According to, if a user deleted all data pertaining to the Google Wallet app from the app properties menu, the program would request a new PIN upon re-launch giving the attacker access to the program. Both of these attacks could have been stopped with mobile antivirus software with root level protection. It’s just another reason to take advantage of our Kaspersky coupons.

These problems were reported to Google, which immediately remedied the vulnerabilities. Though these attacks may have been stalled, they indicate that hackers keep up with and exploit the latest trends and technology. As digital wallets become more pervasive, expect malware, phishing, and hacking attacks to arise targeting them.

If you plan on using Google Wallet or other new mobile services that have access to your finances and other sensitive information, be sure to take every step possible to protect your data. Use a Kaspersky promo code to get the latest antivirus software for your Android phone and feel confident when using new apps.

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