This Is What Happens When You Shop Online Hungry

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You know how you aren’t supposed to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach? Well, I’m starting to think doing anything on an empty stomach is downright dangerous. With the ridiculously convenient ordering options on our beloved interwebs, we can pretty much get whatever we desire shipped to us within 48 hours. And when you spend your entire workday on the internet, one moment of hunger can send you into a downward spiral of impulse buys.

Here’s how it went down for me.

I had just gotten paid, and had just started my period. Anyone who thinks that last bit is TMI and irrelevant has never felt the emotional power of a menstrual cycle. So I needed a fix for my bellowing sweet tooth, and I needed it ASAP. I didn’t want to leave the house, because I don’t really like leaving the house on a good day, so on a crampy, miserable day it was NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I didn’t want to go down my normal monthly road of cupcakes or salted caramel ice cream, even though my love for those two foods is eternal. So I started looking on Amazon at their gourmet chocolate selection. Amazon is my usual go-to for any non-perishable food or drink items that I need in a hurry. But actually, I came up empty. I had tried a bite of a Salted Caramel chocolate bar by Vosges a week before, and I had developed a thirst for more. Amazon didn’t have it, so I returned to Google. I know they are available at Whole Foods, but to buy them from Whole Foods, I would need to leave the house – and that was certainly out of the question.

Then I found them at World Market for less than they were priced on the Vosges site. VICTORY! I browsed through all of the delectable flavors available, including: Matcha Green Tea Dark Chocolate Bar, Black Salt Caramel Bar, Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar, Coconut Banana Dark Chocolate Bar, and Guajillo and Chipotle Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar. I mean, are you drooling? Because I am, even just typing out those names. Clearly I was no match for the lure of those flavors, especially an hour before lunchtime, so I filled up my cart with fancy chocolate and continued on to the checkout screen.

But wait! Even in my weak and hungry state, I certainly wasn’t going to pay full price if I didn’t have to, so before I went to look for World Market discount codes, I found a deal on the World Market homepage for 10% off. I entered the code “SAVEMORE” and got almost $6.00 off my order!

Sure, I spent over $50 on gourmet chocolate bars – not my proudest purchase ever. However, when the package arrived a few days later, it was definitely money well spent. I sampled a few of the bars, and definitely ate way more than I should have, but it was delicious. Absolute heaven. And I’ll still have enough for next month, when my willpower has diminished and my only thought is ME WANT CHOCOLATE.

Lesson learned? Probably not. But buyer’s remorse? Never. Chocolate can always be justified.

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