Thrifty Girl's Haul at ASOS

While writing another story, I was reminded of the cool selection at ASOS. I’ve always wanted to shop there since they carry several great designers, and their styles are worn by celebs like J. Lo, Taylor Swift, and several Kardashians. So, for my Thrifty Girl haul for October, I decided to see what deals I could find for a budget of just $50. Read on to see how I did!

Once I start shopping, I realize I probably can’t afford some of the pricier items on the site, so I head to the Sale section (which is definitely more my speed).

The first item I find is the ASOS Bandeau Maxi Dress for just $15.23. I really love the neckline and pleating, and this shade of green isn’t one you find often, making it unique and totally wearable. Plus, this dress is a lot cheaper than this DKNY version for $69.99.

Next up: the New Look Zip Detail Tank. At just $10.47, this tank has a great rocker edge because of the added zipper detail. I can definitely see this paired with black skinny jeans and a leather jacket - perfect for fall!

I’m always up for a good graphic tee, and they’re totally on-trend right now (Marc Jacobs featured some in his latest runway show). This Noisy May “When the Going Get Tough” T-shirt speaks to my outlook on life, and the black and white color scheme makes it easy to wear with jeans. The $15.23 price tag is also easier to swallow than more expensive graphic tees - some styles at Urban Outfitters can run as high as $79!

I’ve pretty much exhausted the clothing selection, so I check out the Accessories section of the Sale department before I’m done shopping. There I find the ASOS Eclectic Bands Ring Pack. I’m always on the lookout for unique jewelry, and the mixed metal finish on these is awesome. Oh, and you pretty much can’t beat $7.62 for a pack of 5 rings!

From there, I realize that I’m pretty close to reaching my $50 budget - $48.55 to be exact!

ASOS offers free shipping on all orders over $25, so that also helps keep my total low. There aren’t any coupon codes that apply to this order, and after checking out, I realize I wasn’t charged for any sales tax! Not sure why, but I’ll take it for sure!

So, here’s the breakdown for this haul:

  • 1 dress = $15.23

  • 1 tank = $10.47

  • 1 t-shirt = $15.23

  • 5 rings = $7.62

With no sales tax, I was actually able to keep my total below $50 (at $48.55!). I couldn’t purchase a huge amount of items at ASOS, but I did find some fun pieces for a great value!

Tune in next month to see which store Thrifty Girl tackles next!

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