Thrifty Girl's Haul at Charlotte Russe

I was very excited to begin this month’s Thrifty Girl haul as summer always makes me want a closet revamp. I receive email newsletters from Charlotte Russe, which is a great way of making sure you find out about exciting promotions and deals at your favorite stores. I was thrilled to see that Charlotte Russe was offering a “Triple Threat” sale - for every 3 items you buy, you get 33% off!

I gave myself the challenge of finding as many awesome items as I could for a budget of $50. Read on to see how I did with this month’s haul.

Step 1: Head to the Charlotte Russe homepage.

The homepage confirms the sale I mentioned above, so I’m all set to get shopping.

Step 2: Hit up the Sale section first.

I always stick to the Sale section when I start out at a store. You’re more likely to find hidden treasures and the lowest prices the store has to offer. I decide to search each Sale section separately, making sure to always set the Search filter to “Price: Low to High.” That way, I’ll see only the lowest prices, and won’t have to skim through all the stuff I can’t afford. For the purpose of this haul, I’m only going to look at items that cost less than $15.

Dresses are the first category, and I immediately come across this great option, the ¾ Sleeve Tribal Shift Dress. It’s definitely more appropriate for fall and winter, but it’s marked down from $28.99 to $7.99, so I pretty much have to have it.

Shoes are up next. I’ve wanted a pair of stud boots for a long time, but they’re always super expensive. These Studded Lace-Up Combat Booties are only $11.49! I almost can’t believe it!

Next I find an adorable pair of perfect-for-summer sandals. These Strappy Flat Huarache Sandals are only $11.49 as well, and I can already think of several sundresses to wear with them!

I come across another cool pair of boots - at $15.99, I can’t pass up the Zip-Back Fold-Over Combat Boots either. I love the detail of the plaid flannel, and it’s nice that you can wear them either folded over or laced all the way up.

I’ve exhausted the shoe selection, so I look over the tops. This Button-Embellished Cropped Dolman Top is only $7.99. The buttons make it unique, and I like the idea of pairing it with a high-waisted skirt.

I don’t really find any other clothing items, so it’s time for my favorite section: jewelry! First up, I find a gorg pair of Knotted Golden Hoop Earringsfor just $2.99. I love how they give off a glam vibe.

When I come across the Glitter Stone Baroque Cocktail Ring for $3.99, I fall in love. This looks vintage-y without appearing ancient.

I’ve looked through all of the sale items, and I still have some moola left. I head to the regularly-priced merchandise next, but decide to focus on jewelry since these items will be the least expensive.

I’m now officially obsessed with this Textured Tribal Fringe Pendant Necklace. Most necklaces (especially those with pendants) can be sorta pricey, but this one is only $6! A great find since it looks so much more expensive than it is.

I can’t get enough of the midi-ring trend, so I decide to get the Caged, Rhinestone, and Love Midi Rings for just $6.

Now that I’ve selected silver rings, I think it’d be good to snag some gold ones as well. The Turquoise, Moon, and Star Midi Rings are fab for only $6 - can’t beat a 4-pack for 6 bucks!

Step 3: Check CouponPal for any additional discounts.

I head over to Charlotte Russe’s page at CouponPal to see if there are any coupons to use. There aren’t any coupon codes I need to enter to get the discounts being offered, so I’m all set.

Step 4: Checkout.

At checkout, I discover that I’ve managed to snap up some serious savings. Here’s a breakdown of how much the special sale helped to lower costs:

  • Tribal Dress = $7.99 to $5.36

  • Studded Combat Boots = $11.49 to $7.70

  • Huarache Sandals = $11.49 to $7.70

  • Fold-Over Combat Boots = $15.99 to $10.72

  • Cropped Dolman Top = $7.99 to $5.36

  • Gold Hoop Earrings = $2.99 to $2.01

  • Cocktail Ring = $3.99 to $2.68

  • Fringe Necklace = $6.00 to $4.02

  • Silver Midi Rings = $6.00 to $4.02

  • Gold Midi Rings = $6.00 to $4.02

The special sale means I saved $26.34! So, my item total came out to $53.59. Charlotte Russe was offering free shipping on orders over $50 (no coupon code necessary), so shipping didn’t cost me a thing. With sales tax of $4.82, my total came to $58.41.

Although I went a little over (because of tax), I actually achieved one of the greatest hauls since I started my Thrifty Girl missions.

Here’s the item breakdown:

  • 1 dress = $5.36

  • 2 pairs of boots = $18.42

  • 1 pair of sandals = $7.70

  • 1 top = $5.36

  • 1 pair of earrings = $2.01

  • 1 necklace = $4.02

  • 8 rings = $10.72

Definitely got plenty of bang for my buck with this Charlotte Russe haul. Tune in next month to see what store I hit next!

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