Thrifty Girl's Haul at dELiA's

For this month’s installment of Thrifty Girl, I decided to head to dELiA’s to complete my mission of getting great deals while sticking to a $50 budget. I was reminded of the site’s awesome selection when I came across an article from Buzzfeed: 19 Reasons Why You Miss Getting the dELiAs Catalog. Back in the good ol’ ‘90s, I was a girl who loved me some mid-rise jeans and platform flip-flops. Luckily, dELiA’s has progressed with the times. They carry a ton of stylish looks that are decidedly 2014.

Here’s how I went about achieving my Thrifty Girl haul.

Step 1: Head to

On the homepage, I get a feel for how the categories are separated (New Arrivals, Clothing, Winter Faves, etc.) Because I only want to spend 50 bucks, I know I’ll find the least expensive items in the Clearance section.

Step 2: Shop the Clearance section.

The Clearance section is divided into categories. I decide to search each one. You can filter your results, so I select “Price: Low to High” to get the lowest priced items first. For this mission, I’m only choosing items that are $15 or less to maximize my funds.

I hit upon the first two items I like in the Knit Tops section.

I’m actually heading to Hawaii later this year, and the Zoey Tropical Floral Tank will be perfect for exploring the islands. For $9.99, it’s one of the cheapest items on the dELiA’s site.

As a self-designated flower child, I fell in love with this Flower Peace Tee. It’s casual, fun, and feminine – a great combination for only $9.99.

In the Sweaters section, I come across the Stripe Pop Zip Back Pullover. I’m loving the pink zipper. It’s a unique detail that makes the sweater a must-have. It’s rare to find sweaters for less than 20 bucks, so at $9.99, this is a bargain.

In the Sweatshirts section, I discover the Animal Print Tee. I’m a sucker for animal print, but I also love the neutral colors – the yellow is just bright enough to make it not totally drab. Another $9.99 price tag means I’m adding it to my cart.

At this point I’m almost at my $50 limit, so I head to Accessories to see if there’s anything I need to grab.

I’ve been looking for a fun statement necklace that will spruce up some plain tees. This Gem Flower Necklace has a great costume jewelry feel, but the green chain keeps it from looking too matronly. Plus, the $5 price can’t be beat.

Step 3: Shop all other departments.

Before committing to my purchases, I decide to shop the regularly-priced merchandise just to make sure I’m not missing anything exciting. I don’t find any items I have to snap up, so I’m ready to complete my order.

Step 4: Check CouponPal for discounts.

I definitely don’t want to pay for shipping since that would put me over my $50 limit. I head to CouponPal to see if they have any coupon codes that can help me out. They happen to have a discount code for free shipping on orders over $25 – success!

I copy the coupon code that is pictured in the pop up window.

Step 5: Checkout on the dELiA’s site.

First, I check to make sure my order details are correct.

Then, where it says, “Promo/Catalog Source Code,” I paste the dELiA’s coupon code from above. After selecting “Apply,” I can see on the left hand side of my shopping bag that the shipping charges have been deleted. Yay!

After the tax is added, I can see my final total: $50.96.

So, for a breakdown of my order:

  • 1 tank top=$9.99

  • 1 sweater=$9.99

  • 1 t-shirt=$9.99

  • 1 sweatshirt=$9.99

  • 1 necklace=$5.00

While I didn’t get quite as much merch as last month’s haul, I’m still super satisfied with my order. The best part? I didn’t even need to resort to last millennium's jelly sandals or flared capris!

Stay tuned for next month’s installment of Thrifty Girl!

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