Thrifty Girl's Haul at Forever 21

Confession time: I have been labeled a bit of a cheapskate. I fancy myself more of a bargain hunter – a sleuth on the hunt for great deals. Some might consider me overly frugal, but I have many a happy memory of snagging items that no one would guess I bought on sale.The truth is, I would rather have three cheap pairs of shoes for $100 than one pair for the same price. Until the day I don’t have to baby my bank account funds, I shall continue to search for the lowest priced-items.

If you’re like me, on a budget tightrope, you can follow my monthly quest to select one store and scoop up bargains like a mad woman….or like a Thrifty Girl. The goal is to spend a total of $50 (including shipping) and find things I’m dying to purchase. Read on to find out how I scored some fantastic items at Forever 21!

Step 1: Check the homepage for deals.

There is a method to my shopping madness. I always search the homepage for shoutouts on great deals. First thing I see on Forever 21’s site: free shipping for the holidays. All I have to do is spend $30 to qualify. Perfect!

Step 2: Shop the sales section.

After checking the homepage, I always start by shopping the Sales & Deals section. I browse each department and set the filters to sort by Low Price. This way all the lowest-priced items come up first on the page. For this challenge, I’m not looking at anything over $15. Luckily, Forever 21 does offer tons of regularly-priced merchandise that will still fit within my budget.This time I don’t happen to find anything I’m absolutely in love with in the sale section.

Step 3: Search the other departments.

Now, I head to the regularly priced merchandise. Funnily enough, this is where I do find great deals (and items I adore!). On my shopping journeys, I normally look through accessories first, mainly just because they’re my favorite thing to shop for (after shoes, but I couldn’t find any pairs under $15). I need a new wallet, and I find the perfect one. The Iconic Quilted Faux Leather Wallet in pink is only $12.80. It looks lightweight, and it has more than 12 credit card slots!

Another item I’ve been coveting for awhile is a bowler hat (a la Demi Lovato and Rachel Bilson.) Yay, Forever 21 has one for only $14.80! The Laid Back Open-Knit Bowler Hat fits just under my $15 limit and is perfect for winter!

I’ve also been searching for a cool letterman’s jacket. It’s difficult to find jackets at bargain prices (especially this time of year). Luckily, they have one for $15! The Varsity Team Jacket comes in five different colors, but I go for the black and grey because it will go with other items I have. I’m also digging the fact that it has a hood.

One of the keys to affordable fashion is buying basic pieces. As long as you have the essentials, you can dress up an outfit with cute shoes or flashy jewelry - depending on the outfit and your mood, of course. So, I decide to get a plain, black t-shirt. The Favorite V-Neck Tee is just $3.80, which only makes me love it more. I’d love to add some glamour with a gold chain link necklace, or pair it with the letterman jacket. (P.S. I will not be wearing short shorts like the model in this pic.)

Lately, I find myself constantly stocking up on leggings. One, because they are tres comfortable, and two, because they fit easily when scrunched into boots. I’ve already purchased several pairs of patterned ones, but I don’t have many interesting solid colors. Ankle Length Leggings in dark blue for $3.80? Don’t mind if I do.

Step 4: Checkout.

I officially reach my $50 limit. Oh, okay, I go 20 cents over. I double check CouponPal to see if there are any other Forever 21 coupon codes, and find that they have the one for free shipping on any order over $30.

I head to checkout, double checking that all the items in my cart are correct.

After entering all my precious info, my total comes out to $54.71 - because of stupid taxes! However, I feel I have very successfully achieved my shopping goal. I probably could purchase a lot more if I skipped the hat and jacket, but a new ring or bracelet won’t keep me as warm!

Stay tuned for next month’s shopping adventure with Thrifty Girl!

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