Thrifty Girl's Haul at GoJane

As Thrifty Girl, it is my mission in life to find great bargains. I don’t mind spending a little extra time or effort searching for deals if it means I can get a lot of stuff without making my wallet weep.

Last month, I documented my haul at Forever 21, where I did serious damage by taking advantage of their inexpensive merchandise and a free shipping promotion. For my second shopping experience as Thrifty Girl, I decided to do some bargain hunting at GoJane.

I love GoJane for many reasons. They have a huge selection of items, everything is reasonably priced, and they are constantly offering special deals to help their customers save even more moola. So, GoJane seemed like the perfect place to complete my mission: buying as many cute items as possible without going over a $50 budget. Here’s how I accomplished this major shopping feat.

Step 1: Check GoJane website for special offers.

Part of the reason I picked GoJane for this shopping challenge was the fact that they were offering a one-day-only free shipping promotion with no minimum purchase. I was first alerted to this deal because I get GoJane email newsletters – these types of emails are a fantastic way of finding out about exclusive deals from your favorite stores. You can also check CouponPal’s GoJane page to see if the store is currently providing any promotions.

Step 2: Shop the Sale section.

My first stop is always the sale section. GoJane allows you to filter the items by price, so I choose $-$$$, so that the lowest priced items are listed first. For this challenge, I’ll only be looking at items less than $15 to make sure I don’t go over my budget.

The first item I see that I love is the Long Layered Chain Necklace Set. Not only is this set just $3.95, the necklace comes with a pair of earrings too! I love the layered, chunky look of this piece that can instantly dress up an outfit.

The next sale item I like are the Zig-Zag Flat shoes. But do my eyes deceive me? These adorable flats that look Missoni-esque are only $4.95? I love the simplicity of the black color, and so these are a definite must-have.

The search continues until I find another pair of killer shoes. Ever since I saw Taylor Swift rocking a pair of smoking flats with kitty-cats on them, I knew I needed to find a similar pair. Bingo! The Eye of the Tiger Smoking Flats are 45% off, so at $15.95, they’re definitely a steal!

The sale items start getting a tad more expensive, so I switch up my tactics.

Step 3: Search the other departments.

I’ve exhausted the Sale section, so I can now scan the other departments on the site. I check out the shoes first, and make sure to set the filter to Lowest-Highest ($-$$$) price range again. I come across Love for Leopard Spots Skimmers for $14.40. These look comfortable and stylish at the same time – definitely a winning combination!

I don’t find any other interesting footwear options, so I begin my search of the clothing section. On this particular trip, I don’t find any must-have items for under $15, but I’m content to head over to the Accessories department to see what other deals I can discover.

In the Jewelry section, I find Screw-It Earrings for $10.20. I’m obsessed with accessories that have a tough-girl edge, so these are perfect. I might not know how to use a screwdriver, but these earrings make me feel better about this lack of knowledge.

The rest of the Accessories department has a few other treasures; one of them being the Essential Sweater Beanie for only $4.50. Beanies are a great addition to any look - especially if you’re having a bad hair day.

The last item I snag is the Agent Skully Scarf. I’ve been in love with the Alexander McQueen skull scarf for years. But at $445, that’s (slightly) out of my price range. This version is only $10.50 – much better.

My initial order is complete with a total of $69.39. However, I think I might be able to find some other discounts.

Step 4: Check CouponPal for any additional promotions.

Before I complete my order, I hit up CouponPal’s GoJane page to make sure I’m not missing out on any other offers. Yes! I find a coupon code for 30% off an entire order. Usually, you can only use one coupon per order at GoJane. Luckily, the free shipping promotion doesn’t require a code, so I can use the 30% off deal as well.

At CouponPal, I click on “Get Code,” and find the GoJane coupon code that appears in the box.

Back on the GoJane site, during checkout, I copy and paste the coupon code.

The coupon is successfully applied, which means my final total comes down to $48.57! I even come in slightly under my $50 budget.

Just to recap my impressive haul: For just under $50, I bought:

    • 1 necklace =$3.95

    • 2 pairs of earrings =$10.20

    • 1 hat =$4.50

    • 1 scarf =$10.60

    • 3 pairs of shoes =$35.30

Thrifty Girl for the win. Don’t forget to check out the next installment in February when I tackle my next store!

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