Thrifty Girl's Haul at Target

Target is always a reliable place to find great deals. So for this month’s Thrifty Girl mission, I decided to see if I could stay within a $50 budget, while still getting the most bang for my buck. Check out the steps I took to find the very best bargains in my Target haul.

Step 1: Go to

The homepage leads me to believe there will be several promotions available, and I’m especially jazzed about the free shipping!

Step 2: Shop the clearance section.

My first stop is always the clearance section, because that’s where I can find the lowest prices. I set the filter to “Price - Low to High,” and decide I’m only going to look at items that cost less than $15. This restriction will help me keep to my $50 budget. The only downside to this search feature: all of the women’s clothing are lumped together, which means I’m also looking at maternity and plus-size items. It takes a little longer to sift through the options, but I do come across some great finds.

The first item I discover is this Mossimo Supply Co. Chiffon Skirt. It comes in several different prints, but I fall in love with this fun, purple one. Oh, and it’s only $7.98! Sweet!

Although it is currently 93 degrees in Los Angeles, I couldn’t pass up this Mossimo Dolman Sleeve Sweater Dress. It can be dressed down with flats for work or spiced up with pumps for dinner out. Either way, this attachable belt was a huge selling point, because it adds a super cute detail to an otherwise plain design. The other clincher? Its $13.98 price tag.

Again, I might not be able to wear this unless a cold front moves in, but I cannot get past the classic design of the Chanel-esque Merona Quilted Bomber Jacket. I love the navy version, and it’s usually impossible to find jackets for less than 20 bucks. At $13.98, this definitely needs to be purchased.

I have exhausted the clothing clearance items, so it’s time to head to the shoe department.

I was torn between several different maroon pairs of flats (they can add some much needed color to otherwise black ensembles), but I decided to settle on these Mossimo Nella Flats. The unique details – love the cap toe and ankle straps – make them hard to pass up!

I’ve almost met my budget, but no shopping trip would be complete without a stop in accessories.

I’m so glad I decided to take a look at their jewelry selection! I love this Capsule by Cara Spike Stone Stretch Bracelet, and am totally digging the combo of white and gold.

Step 3: View summary and subtotal.

I’ve definitely hit the $50 mark, so I don’t even bother going to the regularly-priced merchandise. I’ve certainly found enough good deals anyway for this Target haul! Since I’ve spent $50, I qualify for free shipping too! I always forget to include tax when I’m calculating my total, but that only puts me over my budget by 4 more bucks.

Step 4: Check CouponPal for any additional coupons.

I head over to CouponPal’s Target page to make sure I haven’t missed any other promotions. I don’t find any other discounts I can use, but I’m content with using the free shipping deal. Since my order is complete I can finish checking out.

Step 5: Checkout.

I make sure all the details of my order are correct, enter my personal info, and then submit the order.

So, here’s a breakdown of my Target haul:

  • 1 dress = $13.98

  • 1 skirt = $7.98

  • 1 jacket = $13.98

  • 1 pair of shoes = $12.48

  • 1 bracelet = $5.24

Total = $53.66 (+ taxes = $58.49)

Although this Target haul didn’t buy me a huge amount of items (my record is still 10 items from Wet Seal), I was able to get some things that are usually sold for a lot more, like the jacket and shoes.

I’m still a happy camper and a devoted Target fan! Tune in next month to see what store I tackle next!

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