Thrifty Girl's Haul at Urban Outfitters

As someone who is perpetually cheap, I usually tend to stay away from stores that I deem too expensive. I’ve been in love with Urban Outfitters for forever, but their price tags scare me a bit. So, I decided for this month’s Thrifty Girl haul I would challenge myself to see how many items I could find for a budget of $50. Read on to see how I did.

Step 1: Search Women’s Sale.

I always start out by going to the Sale department, so I don’t waste my time looking at $400 dresses and pricey shoes. Urban Outfitters makes it pretty easy to scroll through their clearance items through the All Women’s Sale department. I made sure to select the “Search Products by Lowest Price” option, and then started looking for some good bargains.

My first find was the Top It Off Ponytail Holder. Originally $10, this cute accessory is a great way to liven up a boring ponytail - and it’s only $4.99 now!

Next I discovered the adorable Mia Oversized Geo Sunglasses. I recently broke a pair of black sunnies, so I’ve been on the lookout for a new pair. At $4.99, I’m definitely sold!

My luck at finding cute accessories rings are always an easy way to glam up an outfit. I’m loving the classic look of this Wrapped Serpent Ring for just $9.99.

Although I pretty much rely solely on my iPhone to tell me the time, I do love the look of a versatile watch. This Reflex Classic Watch has a retro, ‘40s feel because of the brown strap and gold details. Plus, it was marked down from $24 to $14.99!

Most of the clothing on the site seems a tad expensive (to me at least), but I absolutely had to add this C’est La Vie Sweatshirt to my cart. I’m a serious Francophile, and I love that I can wear this sweatshirt without looking like a total slob.

Unfortunately, at this point in my shopping spree, I realized that I’d already reached my $50 budget. I quickly looked around the rest of the sale section, and checked over my shopping cart to see what I’d added.

Step 2: Check CouponPal for discounts.

On the Urban Outfitters page, I found several coupons, but none required me to enter any codes at checkout.

Step 3: Review and place order.

Because I’d spent $50, I qualified for free shipping! Hooray! So, with the addition of stupid taxes, my order came out to $59.90.

After reviewing my order, I entered my billing, shipping, and payment information and submitted my order.

So, my total haul came to:

  • 1 hair accessory = $4.99

  • 1 pair of sunglasses = $4.99

  • 1 ring = $9.99

  • 1 watch = $14.99

  • 1 sweatshirt = $19.99

Total = $54.95 (+$4.95 in taxes) = $59.90

Overall, I wasn’t able to buy too many items of clothing, but I did find some unique accessories, and I’ve officially overcome my fear of shopping at this somewhat pricey store. Lesson learned: good bargains can be found no matter how expensive the rest of the merchandise is!

Check out next month’s Thrifty Girl haul to see what store I tackle next!

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