Throw a Labor Day Party Without Busting Your Budget

Summer is coming to an end and the back-to-school spirit is in the air. Take advantage of these final days of the season and throw one last summer bash this Labor Day weekend. Your pockets might still be light from that vacation you took, so saving is the name of the game when you plan your party. Here are some ways to avoid shelling out too much cash and still have a great time.


You were about to open Microsoft Word to write your invitations, weren’t you? We all know that WordArt isn’t going to get anyone excited about a party. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend the last of your summer money just to get nice invitations for your party. Summer Party Invites section is a great place to order affordable invitations. You can pick from heaps of different designs and personalize your invite details. Take advantage of summer specials and save more by using a coupon, too.

Food & Drinks

One smart way to save on food and drinks for your party is to make it a “come and go” type of party.This means people can arrive any time during the party and leave early if they want. Since everyone won’t be arriving at the same time, you won’t be expected to provide a full, sit-down meal. Snacks, salad, hot dogs, and hamburgers are good food choices for a party like this.

To save on food, take advantage of Labor Day sales at your local grocery stores. An easy way to check which stores are having sales, and on what, is to go to At this site, you can enter your zip code and then find out about grocery sales in your area.

Also, don’t go overboard on drinks. Instead of providing every type of soda under the sun, try just getting just two crowd-pleasers, like Coke and Sprite. Lemonade is also a summertime party favorite, and you can get cheap and delicious lemonade mixes at the grocery store. As for beer, again, go for quantity over variety. Grab a 12- or 24-pack of your local favorite beer and call it a party. Here in Texas, we’ll be getting Lone Star.

Games & Music

No party is complete without some games and jams! Setting up music for your party might be the easiest part of planning it. All you need is an iPod or iPhone and a speaker dock. Hook it up in your backyard and start blasting the tunes (but not too loud!). If you have a lot of music already, you can make a playlist before the party and just let that play. If not, provides great internet radio tailored to your music tastes, and it’s free.

Tip: If you don’t have a speaker for your iPhone, you can put it in an empty glass to amplify the sound!

You gotta have games. But there’s no need to go out and buy a pile of party games. First, check your garage – do you have old badminton rackets? A croquet set? Some mitts and baseballs to play catch? Most of us have these types of things just laying around, gathering dust. This party is a great opportunity to dust them off and have some fun with them. There are some other fun party games for the less athletically-inclined that you can play with your guests. Apples to Apples is a hilarious card game that is perfect for large groups. Scattergories is also a fun choice, and you can even make it yourself with some notepads, pens, and this free online guide.

Have a blast!

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