Top 10 Reasons to Shop from Home this Black Friday

Calling all shopaholics! This is your Oscar night. Black Friday is a race to the best shopping deals around, and the ones who actually score those elusive doorbusters are the winners of the day.

But is it really winning? Think about all you’ll have to go through to get there. Is waking up at 4am on Friday and facing those unruly crowds worth the hassle? Nope. Here are the top 10 reasons to shop from home this Black Friday.

1. Time is money.

Here’s a very realistic scenario: you have to drive 20 minutes or more to the store with the best doorbusters – or even just one of the big sales the store is running. Then you discover that this particular store is out of the item you’re looking for and you need to drive to the store across town to buy it. Pretty soon you’re wondering if by the time you arrive, the item is still in stock. Is that worth your time?

I mean, how much driving around do you want to do? Is it worth the gas money? Is it worth the stress? What about all of the other items you need to buy?

2. You’ll still save BIG.

Based on last year’s best overall Black Friday deals, Amazon took the lead with the most Black Friday deals used – and has been the winner for the past three years. Because of this, the other major retailers have had to step up their online shopping game.

You won’t need to worry about wasting gas driving from store to store in order to buy everything on your list. Check our Black Friday deals to see if the stores you’re looking to hit up are running any special online promotions. That way you can save big without leaving the house.

3. You won’t get hurt.

Black Friday makes people go a little nutty. Some folks get such a laser focus on the items they “need” that basic human decency goes out the window. There have been previous reports of arguments, fights, and even shootings over things as trivial as an open parking space at WalMart.

No thanks. Stay away from that madness and remain injury free at home instead.

4. It’s more fun.

Anyone with experience in bidding on eBay knows the thrill of a successful online purchase under intense circumstances. Online retailers that offer information on how many products are still in stock want you to “make your purchase before it’s too late!” Which will make seeing the “Thank you for your order” screen on Black Friday that much more rewarding when you snag the last PlayStation 4 in stock.

5. “No shoes, no shirt, no problem!”

You can’t walk into Target and shop in your pjs without receiving puzzled glances from strangers. But if you shop from home on Black Friday, you can wear whatever you want. You can even go pants free! Nobody will know.

6. That turkey soup isn’t going to make itself.

Wake up, turn on the coffee, boot up your computer, check the online sales. Nothing of interest yet? Make breakfast, watch some TV, check the sales. Still nothing you want? Turn on the slow cooker, prepare the turkey soup from your Thanksgiving leftovers, check the sales.

You can multitask when you’re home and still take part in any Black Friday deals you want. You can leave the slow cooker on all day and cook a great meal for your family and STILL buy all of your holiday gifts at the same time.

7. Cocktails are allowed.

You cannot and should not consume alcohol during your shopping trip if you’re the one driving around. However, if you’re looking to shop from home instead and plan on hunkering down for the rest of the day, feel free to crack open a beer or two while you browse. It will even help to lubricate you to make some of those tough purchases. It’s practically the weekend, so celebrate (just be safe about it)!


Most online retailers offer free shipping on minimum purchase orders year round, and those same retailers will most likely offer that on Black Friday as well. If you can have it sent to your house free of charge, why would you even consider heading to the store?

9. Your pets prefer you stay home.

Sparky and Milo hate it when you’re gone. Every time you step on the other side of that front door without them, they die a little bit inside. Do you want that? Sparky would really appreciate it if you shopped from home this year. He’d very much like to fall asleep at your feet while you add things to your cart. Milo would like to bark in confusion when you audibly cheer after a successful purchase.

Think of your furry friends. Celebrate Black Friday with them on the couch.

10. Black Friday shoppers can be the worst.

It’s like the DMV assembled an army and their goal is to keep you from shopping efficiently. Watch out for these types of people that you’re likely to face if you do decide to leave the house today. Seriously, Black Friday shoppers can be the worst.

Happy Shopping!

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