Top 10 Spring Break Money-Saving Tips

Spring Break is just around the corner, but planning a trip can be an expensive undertaking. Luckily our team at CouponPal recently ran a giveaway where contestants were asked for their favorite money-saving tips. Here are our top 10 picks for the best ways to save money on your Spring Break adventures!

1. Book early and watch for specials.

One of the best ways to save money on flights and hotels is to book way in advance. All those suckers that wait ‘til the last minute to make reservations end up paying way more for the same packages. Start looking for special deals months ahead of time, and you’ll end up saving tons of cash.

2. Share hotel rooms with friends to cut costs.

If you and a bunch of friends split the cost of a hotel room, you’ll be saving money and maximizing the Spring Break attitude of spending more time with your buddies.

3. Cook your own meals instead of going out.

A huge expense of traveling is the money you end up spending on food (especially at expensive touristy restaurants!). If you’re renting a condo or house, you can save by cooking your own meals instead of going out to eat several times a day.

4. Buy drinks at the liquor store.

A  few drinks at a club or restaurant can end up sapping your budget pretty quickly. Instead, you and a couple of your friends can go to a liquor store and buy more drinks for less. It’s way more economical!

5. Start saving a couple of dollars a week months before Spring Break.

This tip requires some planning ahead, but grab a jar and start filling it with your spare change and a few dollars every week. After a couple of months, you’ll have a nice amount socked away for food, drinks, or shopping once Spring Break rolls around.

6. Do activities close to home to eliminate hotel costs.

If you just don’t have enough moola to jet-set somewhere for the holiday, try exploring some activities near you. Go on a day-long hike with friends or hit up an amusement park. You can even Google free activities in your area for some ideas.

7. Try out local restaurants and bars, instead of pricey tourist traps.

Before hitting up a new city, do some research to find out which restaurants and bars the locals go to. These establishments are often much cheaper than the places all the tourists go – plus, they’re more likely to be far more interesting and a better example of the local culture.

8. Stay at a rental or private home.

A new trend in travel is finding rental spots through private owners. Websites like Airbnb and VRBO (check out some discounts here) let you find tons of different lodging options (from cabins and condos to beach houses and apartments). The best part is that you can often find much lower prices than what most hotels offer.

9. Go camping.

Hate overpaying for hotels? A great option is to become one with nature. Camping offers a variety of benefits, including being in the great outdoors, beautiful scenery, and not paying expensive hotel rates!

10. Use coupons or discount codes to book hotels or flights.

Of course, the number one way to find great deals is by checking out various offers, like coupon codes for or Expedia. You’re bound to find amazing offers that will help you save a ton!

No matter where your Spring Break adventures take you, use these tips to lead to some rad saving opportunities! 

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