Top 3 Deals From Quidsi Brands

Since 2005, online shoppers have scored deals on almost everything thanks to a little brand called Quidsi. They house some of the best bargains on the web with their many sites for savings, including,,,,, and more.  If you are shopping for anything for your home or family, Quidsi probably has a store just for you. Check out these great deals from Quidsi brand stores, and don’t forget to check their sites for even more awesome coupons every week.


New parents will rejoice with the awesome deals on all things baby over at, especially the “20% Off The First Three Months” deal. Save on cases of newborn diapers thorough sizes 1 and 2, plus get free two day shipping on all orders over $49. But don’t think diapers is all you can get at You can also find great deals on baby gear, furniture, formula, clothing, and more. If it has anything to do with babies, you will find it here. 

You don’t have to be a clean freak to love the deals at Specializing in cleaning products, personal care, and home goods, if it can improve the quality of your life, you can find it here. Love a hard-to-find shampoo (looking at you, Aveda Shampure)? probably has it for less, and will send it to your door in two days. If you’ve never shopped with before, they saved the very best deal for you: 20% off your first order and free two day shipping on orders over $49. Don’t miss out on their additional exclusive coupon offers on your favorite products.


Natural foods and organic home goods are part of the healthy life. Did you know you can score awesome deals on these typically spendy items through the wonders of Check out for a huge selection of your favorite tasty organic snacks, staples in natural home care, and organic beauty goods (stuff you usually can only find at the co-op). features great weekly deals to help you live the natural life, and right now their best deal is 20% off your order and free two day shipping on orders over $49.

One more hot tip to save cash with Quidsi stores: all Quidsi store brands share account log-ins and shopping carts, allowing you to stack coupons and combine orders across sites for the best deals on shipping. If ever one could make a case to avoid IRL stores and shopping online, Quidsi would be exhibit A. Shop often and save big!

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