Top 5 Moneywise Articles from August

As Labor Day brings an end to a savings-filled August, we look back at the best tips and tricks the past month had to offer. From beauty to Internet safety to the latest money-saving apps, we covered a lot. To keep you from missing a beat, here are the five most popular articles from the month:

5. Leave Siri Alone

The battle between Macs and PCs has been on display for over two decades. The latest jab comes in the form Windows poking fun at Apple’s iOS personal helper – Siri. Seriously, what did Siri ever do to deserve it?

4. The 3 Best Money Saving Apps You Don't Know About

Do you have trouble keeping up with all the new apps promising to save you time? Don’t waste your time downloading, installing, and trying them all. Broke But Bougie’s Bridget Lappert breaks down of the three best up-and-coming apps to save you money on the go.

3. Interview with an Internet Security Expert – Ben Halpert

Between using your credit card while shopping and sharing a computer with kids, parents have a lot of concerns in the digital age. That’s why we invited Internet security expert and founder of Savvy Cyber Kids Ben Halpert by to answer a few questions. Read and learn some tips from a pro!

2. 4 Bold Trends That’ll Bust You Out of Your Beauty Rut

Looking for a new look but not sure where to start? Let Chrissa introduce you to a few easy techniques to spice up your style. If hair chalk and nail art are new to you, be sure to check out this must-read.

1. Interview with a Savings Expert – Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

Are your finances becoming overwhelming? Do you need help getting out of debt? Do you want to know the first step? Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche has been there and she’s here to help. Read as she introduces her 5 Steps to Financial Forgiveness and how to prioritize difficult money decisions. 

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