Top 5 Places to Lay Low Until Black Friday is Over

Holiday traveling is stressful. With parcels flying all over the place and families being home for Christmas, it is one of the busiest transit times of the entire year. One of the easiest ways to reduce anxiety during the day leading up to New Years is to go on vacation.

The flight approach (as opposed to fighting) has a few distinct advantages:

  • Instead of being trampled, pummeled, or threatened with firearms at local department stores, you could be sipping rum out of a coconut in a paradise where they never even heard of Black Friday.

  • Many countries outside of the US have an equally rich Christmas tradition, such as in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

  • Even if you cannot be with your beloved relatives this year, you will be able to send them all sorts of exotic gifts and curios to make up for it.

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1) Caribbean Cruise

On a cruise, it is the law of the sea that rules. Kind of like if the grid collapses during all the Black Friday chaos. Just in case, there are a lot of great deals on cruises out of South Florida that leave regularly all season. It is more affordable than ever to have a “Caribbean Christmas.”

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2) Montreal, Canada

December is a good time to visit Canada because there is a thick blanket of snow and all of the city decorations are at full glory. Travel + Leisure marvels at their bustling outdoor markets and charming cobblestone streets, calling it “as romantic and European as it gets on this side of the pond.”

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3) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil celebrates Christmas until January 6, which is called Three Kings Day. It does not get cold in December, so they decorate with fresh flowers and celebrate with dancing and singing in the streets. The traditional meal includes ham or turkey, colored rice, and fresh fruit.

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4) Rome, Italy

In Italy, Christmas lasts for three weeks, starting on Novena, or the 17th of December. Children go from house to house to recite poems and sing songs. Then people give them money for presents. For Christmas dinner Italians prepare a dish called ‘cenone’ or eel.

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5) Sydney, Australia

The interesting thing about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is that the seasons are completely reversed. When December rolls around, they are in the middle of their summer holiday. People celebrate by going to the beach or having a barbeque in the backyard.

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